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   With the rising awareness of the wonders of nature therapy, more and more people are visiting Naturopathy centers. These resorts have become a popular vacation spot for people from all around the globe. There are many naturopathy resorts in India, Kerala being the hub of them all. The calm climate and the abundance of natural medicinal resources make it a hot spot for naturopathic healing and curing. As an ever increasing number of tourists travel to naturopathy centers in the country, the need of improving transportation to Naturotherapy centers is being realized. Efforts are being made by the respective authorities to ensure good access to even the remotest places where naturopathy is offered. Transportation to naturopathy centers in India is easy and convenient. Normally these facilities are included in the tour packages provided by the travel agents. The naturopathy centers in India can be accessed through two main cities, namely, Delhi and Mumbai. Kerala, the hub of naturopathy centers is also well connected. You would find all the information you need about transportation to naturopathy centers in A popular naturopathic treatment center in Kerala is the Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, situated near Kozhikode. There are many such resorts in Kerala, which offer naturopathic as well as ayurvedic therapy. Sanjeevani near Haryana is the largest naturopathy and yoga institute in Asia. Another such name to reckon with is the Naturopathy resort in Saharanpur.

How To Reach Kerala

By Air

he state of Kerala has three airports, namely Kochi, Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram. The airport in Thiruvananthapuram attends international flights.

By Railways

More than 200 railway stations connect Kerala to important states and cities. The state is well connected from within as well through internal rail networks.

By Roadways

Kerala is well connected to many other states and cities of India through National highways 17, 47 and 49.

By waterways

the state has a well-developed inland water navigation system. The major ports are Vizhinjam and Kochi. Beypore, Neendakara and Azheekkala are the mini ports of the state. .

How to reach Mumbai:

By Air: All major airlines connect Mumbai with flights to and fro all chief cities of the world. Santa Cruz is the domestic terminal and Chatrapati Shivaji International airport is the international terminal in Mumbai.

By railways: Mumbai is home to the headquarters of the central zone and the western zone. The western zone handles services to and fro the North of the country while the central zone has services to the south and east of India. Local trains connect the whole city and suburbs as well.

By Roadways: Mumbai is well connected to all the major cities and towns in the country through national and state highways

How to reach Delhi:

By Air: Indira Gandhi International airport in Delhi caters to both domestic and international flights.

By Railways: Express trains and super fast coaches connect Delhi to all the major cities and towns of India.

By Roadways: National and state highways make Delhi easy and convenient to access from all major cities of India.

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