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Naturopathy Treatments

   Naturopathy treatment is a practice of treating diseases by prescribing natural medicines. It is a form of treatment which emphasizes the tendency of the body to retain a sense of balance and cure itself. Naturopathy treatments are non toxic and stimulate healing and cleansing responses in a patient.

Prime Treatments in Naturopathy Naturopathy involves diagnosis and prescription of modalities and methods of nature. Naturopathic medicines mainly include water, earth, air, light, heat and diet therapy.

Some of the methods of naturopathy are as follows.

Acupuncture: It is a method of inserting and controlling filiform needles into specific body points for therapeutic purpose and to heal pain.

Herbal Medicine: This therapy uses medications prepared by plants and plant extracts. Colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy: this form of therapy involves the use of medicinal remedies mixed with water to detoxify the body.

Abstinence: This form of therapy includes voluntarily restraining certain appetites and desires that give pleasure. It also takes in discontinuing an addictive drug.

Hydrotherapy: It is also known as Hydropathy. This form of therapy use water for treating diseases and soothing pains. Hot and cold water is used in form of bath, sprays, packs, compresses and douches for healing diseases.

Diet: A suitable diet is prescribed and regular check is kept on the diet of an individual.

Homeopathy: It is a therapy in which the sick are given minute doses of remedy that would produce the symptoms of the disease in a healthy person.

Naturopathy Treatments also involve specific diets, herbs, meditation, exercises and massages.

Fasting: It was first promoted by rishis and gurus in India. Fasting is an excellent treatment for obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure, cold, rheumatism, sinusitis and allergies. Fasting provides the body mechanisms to rest and rejuvenate.

Mud Treatment: Mud is applied to the skin and enclosed in a thin cotton wrapper. Mudpacks are very helpful in removing toxins from the body.

Massage: Massages tone muscles and give them strength. They also improve blood circulation.

Exercise and Yoga: Yoga and exercise keeps you fit and healthy. It improves blood circulation and tones muscles. It helps in loosing body weight.

Sunbath: Sunshine helps the body to produce vitamin D.

Relaxation: The cause for most of the diseases is lack of proper physical and mental rest. Techniques like Shavasana and Yognindra are prescribed for proper rest and relaxation.

Naturopathy uses many drug-free therapies for healing.

Zone Reflexology: commonly known as Acupressure, this therapy rejuvenates the nervous system. It also improves and balances the working of various organs and glands.

Magnet Therapy: A number of diseases are treated by applying electro-magnets. Magnetic water is also used for balancing the polarization of the body.

Chromotherapy: The seven colors of the sun are utilized through radiation on the body or by directing charged oil or water for treatment.

Reiki: This form of naturopathy is used to balance chakras and energy. offers you an insight on various naturopathy treatments and various tourist destinations in India.