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   To enjoy the benefits of Nature, it is always advisable to book one of the tour packages for Naturopathy. There are countless Naturopathy tour packages available in India, as people are opting more and more for this form of therapy. Kerala is one of the key Naturopathy centers. There are a number of other alternatives to choose from as well, scattered throughout the country. There is a naturopathy resort in Saharanpur and Sanjeevani near Haryana is by far Asia’s largest naturopathy center.

The tour packages for Naturopathy can span from 2 days to 15 days. The duration totally depends the cost of the package and the program that you choose. You can choose one or more packages according to you needs.

Various naturopathy packages:

  • Rejuvenation naturopathy program
  • Lifestyle and health management programs
  • Naturopathy treatment for diabetes
  • Naturopathy program for vigor and vitality
  • Naturopathy for Jaundice
  • Naturopathy treatment for respiratory system
  • Skin disease treatment program
  • Naturopathy for chronic diseases
  • Weight loss programs
  • Stress Management through Naturopathy
  • healing sleeping disorders through Naturopathy
  • Colon cleaning
  • Sinusitis treatment through naturopathy
  • Detoxification of the body

    You can choose from a wide range of beauty packages that include –

  • Naturopathy beauty rejuvenation program
  • Naturopathy height increasing program
  • Naturopathy facial program

    Some of the spiritual packages offered are:

  • Training in Indian culture and tradition
  • Meditation
  • Training in yoga and naturopathy
  • Art of Happy Living
  • Science of healthy living

    The tours also offer peaceful living programs some of them being saraswati program, monvrat sadhana and kayakalp course.

    Fooding and lodging arrangements are taken care of in most of the organized tour packages. Accommodation is generally available in the resort itself. Facilities and amenities provided at the resort depend on the tour packages that you choose. These rejuvenating resorts usually refrain from providing the modern amenities offered in hotels. The accommodation and lifestyle maintained in these resorts follow the simplistic and natural ways practiced in ancient India.

    Transportation to the center depends on the tour package booked by you. You can exclude or include transportation responsibilities from your tour package. It is always sensible to include transportation facilities in your tour package as it is safe and secured. The mode of transport to reach the resort depends on the distance and the type of package you have chosen.

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