touristplacesinindia offers information on the home remedies for minor ailments that are surprisingly effective. By using the locally available materials for treatment such as salt, honey, milk and the like, the application is economically viable too. Hence it is widely seen in the Indian homes even now.
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Natural Woders

   Naturopathy believes that nature has not given us any disease that does not have a natural way of healing. Naturopathy involves a wide range of natural medicines, which are used to treat physical and mental diseases like pain, common cold, hair fall, migraine, stress and anxiety. Some of the natural wonders are lemon, salt and milk.

Lemon in Naturopathy:

Lemon Tree This element of natural medicine works wonders when mixed in water. Lemon is mainly used to cure cough, cold and fever. Boiled lemon juice alleviates high fever. A teaspoon of honey added to the solution heals severe cold. Lemon added to hot water with a few drops of honey reduces body weight if drank on a regular basis. Rubbing lemon fibers add shine to the teeth and reduce foul breath. Freckles lighten considerably by applying lemon.

Salt in Naturopathy:

Salt A pinch of salt kept on the tongue cures headache. Add salt to hot water and drink it to treat stomach problems. Treat swollen feet by soaking them in hot water mixed with salt. The solution is also effective for cracked feet.

Milk in Naturopathy:

Milk Milk is considered to be one of the most useful elements among the natural wonders. It is the biggest source of calcium, which is an important ingredient for strengthening the bones in a body. Milk should always be drunk at room temperature. Cold milk is an effective cure for acidity while warm milk treats cold. Applying warm milk on the face helps reduce acne, pimples and wrinkles. A bit of saffron in fresh milk lightens dark lips. Warm milk also treats hiccups.

Some more natural medicines used in Naturopathy:

Tulsi: You can add tulsi in your tea to get rid of cough and cold. Tulsi and water boiled together with some honey treats sinusitis, headaches and severe cold. Tulsi helps in detoxifying the body.

Turmeric: A paste of turmeric, when applied on cuts and burns, soothes away the pain and heals them. Turmeric added to warm milk cures cough and cold.

Neem: The juice of neem leaves lowers blood sugar. It also cleanses the blood. A paste of neem leaves is very effective on pimples and acne. The twig of neem tree is very useful to maintain clean and healthy teeth. offers you information on the natural wonders of Naturopathy and other tourist destinations in India.