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   Herbs Naturopathy is a method of therapy and healing that relies on natural medications, like air, water, natural food and massage. It is also known as naturopathic medicine or alternative medicine. The technique of Naturopathy is based on the propensity of the body to heal itself. The main idea of this therapy is to further the process of natural healing by using natural remedies.

Naturopathy includes many supplementary medicines. Some of them are acupuncture, herbal medicine, abstinence and homoeopathy. Some Modern additions are ozone therapy, bio resonance and colon hydro therapy. Naturopaths generally avoid invasive surgeries and prefer minimum intake of synthetic drugs. They put more emphasis on natural remedies like herbs and foods.

Naturopathy believes that a body has the inherent ability to heal itself. This form of therapy helps the body to do the same. Physical, mental, environmental and spiritual factors play an important role in the healing process. A naturopath normally looks for different approaches to restore the health of an individual instead of just suppressing the symptoms. Naturopathy also puts emphasis on preventive care.

Naturopathy was first advocated by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates, about 4000 BC. His method was to find the cause of the disease in regard of viewing the person as a whole and to use the laws of nature to induce cure. Around 1880, in Scotland, Dr. Thomas Allison started using naturopathic treatments. He prescribed natural diet and exercise along with restraint on overwork and tobacco. The techniques of Naturopathy came into use in the US around 1990s.

There are many places in India which provide naturopathic treatments. Tours are conducted to places like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala. You can visit to get detailed information on the various Naturopathy tours conducted. The site also offers you details on how to reach the naturopathy centers in India.

Over the years, naturopathy has gained popularity around the globe because of its effective and safe healing techniques. India with its age old tradition of Ayurveda and yoga has become a naturopathy hub. Present day lifestyle has brought in a number of diseases among individuals like stress, anxiety, and rise in blood sugar levels, pressure and cholesterol. As a result more and more people have started opting for naturopathic treatments. The naturopathy hubs are also being promoted by the respective state governments as tourist spots, thus serving the tourism industry of the country. offers you information on naturopathy as well as tourist destinations in India.

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