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Rajasthan Travel Tips

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  • The western Indian state of Rajasthan reflects the old world grandeur and stately charm through its forts, palaces and magnificent havelis (mansions) that were built by the former rulers. The region has a varied topography and you can explore the wildlife and golden sands to your utmost satisfaction. But if you are concerned about hoe to make your trip full of pleasure and excitement at the same time hassle free, then the Rajasthan travel tips are going to be of much help.

    The dos and doníts while you travel to Rajasthan will help you make your sojourn a memorable one. Some of the important travel tips are:

    Always keep the room of your hotel locked even if you are going for a stroll in the hotelís premise. The same applies to shopping and sightseeing tours as well.

    Never carry excess cash with you. Always keep your jewelry and other costly items locked in your hotel room, along with your travel documents.

    Don't put up in a hotel or lodging which is recommended by the taxi or auto rickshaw driver. It is always better to book a hotel in advance through an authorized travel agent.

    Avoid consuming drinks or eatables offered by a stranger and go for shopping only in reputed shops.

    Always be dressed properly and the attires should not be too revealing, besides, do not stay too late out after dark especially if you are a female traveling alone.

    The money should always be exchanged from certified money exchangers and always ask for a receipt after the transaction.

    The Rajasthan travel tips for the health concerns are going to be of paramount importance since you can enjoy your tour completely by staying fit.

    Always carry fresh drinking water with you and in case you take water from outside, make sure that it is mineral water and ensure that the seal is not broken.

    You should consult your doctor regarding any health issues and vaccinations before embarking on tour to India.

    Make extensive use of sunscreen lotion on your body parts exposed to sun and wear scarf and hats to avoid sunstroke.

    Always carry essential medicines, adhesive bandages, thermometer, water-purification tablets, antibiotics, antiseptic creams, mosquito repellents and other first-aid essentials in a first aid kid. This is the most crucial among the Rajasthan travel tips.

    Consume plenty of solid food and fruit items such as bananas, breads and biscuits. In the summer heat, it is very important to keep the body hydrated constantly.

    With all these travel tips for Rajasthan, you are certainly going to have a pleasant time during your tour. offers online information for Rajasthan travel tips and also offers helpful inputs on tourist destinations in Rajasthan.