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  • Rajasthan is indisputably the most colorful region in India and a fascinating land of valiance and graciousness. It features invincible forts, splendid palaces and waves of sand dunes and tranquil lakes. The entire state is characterized by an unusual variety in all its aspects, be it people, culture, customs, costumes, cuisine, dialects and music. The same goes with the arts & crafts of Rajasthan as well. Since this land has an abundance of metals, stones and wooden items, the Rajasthani handicrafts are some of the finest works of art and depict the inventiveness and supreme craftsmanship of the artists of this state.

    This land is known for a range of decorative techniques such as inlay, metal casting, carving, appliqué, etc. Some of the famous handicrafts works include:

    Blue Pottery:
    This art form was first introduced in Rajasthan by Maharaja Ram Singhji and borrowed from Persia. The color combinations used in this technique are also peculiar such as blue (oxide of cobalt), Green (oxide of copper) and white.

    The traditional floral or arabesque hand made designs and the animal figure patterns are the major ones. The various articles prepared out of this art include items like ashtray, tiles, flower pots, lamp shades and jars.

    Metal Craft:
    This craft occupies a major position among the Rajasthani handicrafts and enameled silver which is used from pill-boxes to figurines. For the table-tops, dancing peacocks, caparisoned elephants, dancing camels, swords and shields, brass enamel is used which is less expensive and more widespread. Wrought iron has also gained popularity in the metal craft works.

    Wooden Artifacts:
    Furniture is among the most common and popular handicrafts of the state with its contemporary variants that include chairs with painted backs, camel-hide stools, marble-top tables and carved cabinets. Wooden animals are also included among these artifacts and include a variety of animals like horses, elephants, parrots- that are beautifully painted in vibrant colors.

    Stone Carving:
    You will get to see amazing statues, idols, figurines, carved panels, even intricate jharokhas for gardens and pavilions that are shaped out of white marble, pink Dholpur, green Kota, white and grey soapstone. The elaborate carvings clearly manifest the genius of the craftsmen of the region.

    The custom of painting dates back to the dawn of civilization and you will find the intricate motifs in the geometrical and natural designs that are done on clay vessels and potteries that were revealed in the pre-historic Harappan sites of Kalibangan and Peelibanga in Rajasthan’s north-western region. Rajasthan is quite popular for its miniature paintings and mirrors an unbelievable portfolio of scenes that depict the tales of the myth and legend.

    Explore the true essence of Rajasthan through the Rajasthan handicrafts tour in which you will come across a number of outstanding handicraft articles that would make for some of the best souvenirs for the souvenir hunters. offers online information on Rajasthani Handicrafts and also offers useful inputs on the Rajasthani cuisine.