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Folk Music of Rajasthan

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  • Evocative of a rich past, Rajasthan ranks high among the most visited tourist destinations of India and is home to numerous palaces, forts, lakes and impressive architectural monuments. The folk music of Rajasthan also occupies an important place among the traditions of Rajasthan and is embedded in the hearts and souls of the inhabitants.

    Rajasthani folk music has great variety and is rich, heroic, forlorn and enjoyable. It covers all aspects of the life of the Rajasthani people. The voices of the singers are full-throated, strong and powerful. The numerous songs sung by the women mirror the various feminine moods and deep family ties.

    The renowned battles of the gallant Rajputs are told through songs and the music confers both a spirit of distinctiveness and provides a welcome diversion from the daily chores.

    The most striking feature of the folk music of Rajasthan is that there are different songs for the different moods. “Peepli” and “Nihalde” are songs beseeching the beloved one not to leave her or to return to her as soon as possible. There are also songs regarding the family, comparing every number to the various ornaments worn by women. Even the festivals such as of Gangaur and Teej that are celebrated for marital bliss and the upcoming harvesting season call for particular songs without which, the celebrations are deemed to be incomplete.

    Besides, there are a number of communities of Rajasthan such as “bhopas” or the wandering balladeers who sing about the Marwar folk heroes and travel from village to village entertaining people. You will also encounter several singing communities in Rajasthan known as the 'dholis'. They are also known by other names such 'mirasis', 'dhadhis', 'langas', 'manganiyars', 'kalbelias', 'jogis', 'sargaras', 'kamads', 'nayaks' or 'thotis' and the 'bawaris'. Their music has crossed borders and has gained immense popularity at the national and international level. Many of the folk artists have received prestigious national and international awards.

    Folk opera of Rajasthan is another field which has gained huge popularity and is performed by the professionals in association with amateurs. Several noteworthy ones deserving mention are the 'maach' of Chittaurgarh area, 'tamasha' of Jaipur and 'rammat' of Bikaner.

    Folk Music of Rajasthan occupies an important position in the festivals and celebrations of Rajasthan. The very charm of Rajasthan and the culture of the people get reflected through their enchanting music and songs. offers online information on folk Music of Rajasthan and also offers useful inputs on the Rajasthani cuisine.