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Amer fort Jaipur

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  • Located at a distance of 11 kms from Jaipur, the Amer Fort was built by Raja Man Singh- I in the year 1592. The fort is an architectural splendor adorned with intricate carvings and dazzling mirror designs. Built with red sandstone and white marble, the Amer Fort is a classic example of a blend of Hindu and Mughal architectural styles, and is considered among the most popular tourist spots in Jaipur. The construction of the fort was completed by Raja Jai Singh-I. It took nearly two centuries to complete this massive palace which today, stands out among the most famous monuments of Rajasthan.

    The fort offers tourists a breathtaking journey through its royal apartments or with the impressive gateways, sprawling gardens and pillared pavilions. 'Dil-E-Aram' garden serves as the entry point to the fort, offering an inviting interior adorned in traditional Mughal architectural splendor. After covering a flight of stairs, one is led to the beautifully decorated 'Diwan-E-Am' or the 'Hall of Public Audience'. Here one is mesmerized by exquisitely decorated galleries and imposing double rows of columns shaped like elephants at the top. Adjacent to the 'Diwan-E-Am' lies a Kali Temple with its doors made of silver.

    Towering over the placid waters of the Maotha Lake, the fort speaks out silently of its rich history, in days, when the fort was utilized as an administrative headquarter , a military base and a palace. Parapets and paintings adorn the interiors of the fort with medieval courtyards, pavilions and gardens. 'Ganesh Pol' is a gateway with pavilions and frescoes designed to resemble elephants. It offers a glimpse to stupendously built lattice-worked screens. The 'Jai Mandir' or the 'Hall of Victory' comes next, featuring a beautifully decorated ceiling covered with minute mirror pieces on inlaid panels. A little further inside, one is led to the 'Diwan-E-Khas' or the 'Hall of private audience' which has a similar style as that of the Jai Mandir.

    Famed for its intricate mirror work, the 'Sheesh Mahal' is perhaps the most interesting place in the palace premises to visit. It offers a spectacular visual delight to tourists. The walls and the ceiling are adorned with thousands of pieces of mirror which illuminate the whole room with a captivating stream of light. Even a faint streak of light dazzles up on these mirrors, filling up the room with spectacular radiance. A further walk would reveal the 'Sukh Niwas' or the 'Hall of Pleasure', which has doors made of sandalwood and ivory. These doors acted as temperature regulators with water channels running through them. Other places of tourist interest are the 'Kesar Kyari 'and the 'Dilaram Bagh' providing an enchanting view of the palace. An exciting elephant ride should not be missed by the tourists visiting Amer Fort.

    Amer Fort in Jaipur can be easily accessed by well connected air flights from all major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Jodhpur and Mumbai. There are major train services too to Jaipur from all the major cities of India. The fort can also be reached via road from all major places such as Delhi, Gujarat and Mumbai, being linked by well maintained national highways to all the neighboring states.

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