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Located in the 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, the Sunderbans National Park is the largest estuarine sanctuary in the world. Part of the world�s largest delta formed by the rivers Ganges and the lower Brahmaputra, Sunderbans is famous worldwide as home to the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. The park is blessed with great scenic beauty and a rare wealth of wildlife, including many endangered species. The tourist Attractions in Sunderbans are excitingly diverse and the park offers the perfect setting to experience the magic and mystery of wilderness.

Spotting wild animals in their natural habitat is almost always a matter of luck. But the wildlife in Sunderbans is so rich and varied that the odds will remain tilted in your favor when you visit the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve in West Bengal. Most popular among the tourist attractions in Sunderbans is the Royal Bengal Tiger. Sunderbans is the only ecological habitat of the tiger of its kind not only in India, but also in the world except in Bangladesh. The Tiger Reserve has the largest concentration of wild tigers in the world. It is home to about 270 Royal Bengal Tigers which have adapted remarkably well to the swampy habitat.

Stretching across a total area of 9630 sq. kms, the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve comprises a vast tract of forest and saltwater swamp, with a network of estuaries, tidal rivers, and creeks crisscrossed by many channels, and flat, marshy islands covered with thick forests. Established in 1973, the Sunderban Tiger Reserve was declared a National Park in 1984. The whole of the Sunderbans area was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1989.

The forests of the Sunderbans National Pak also provide refuge to a large number of animals including spotted deer, monkeys, wild pigs, herons, white bellied eagles, kingfishers and the Royal Bengal Tiger. Some of the endangered wildlife species that you can spot in the Sunderbans area include Estuarine Crocodile, River Terrapin (Batagur baska), Olive Ridley Turtle, Gangetic Dolphin, Ground Turtle, Hawks Bill Turtle, King Crabs (Horse shoe). Various Trans-Himalayan migratory birds also constitute the chief attractions in the Sunderbans.

Some other tourist attractions in Sunderbans include:

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project
Also among the tourist attractions in Sunderbans is the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project, a hatchery and a sanctuary, which is also home to the biggest estuarine crocodiles.

The picturesque beauty of Netidhopani is enhanced manifolds by its mangrove forests and teeming wildlife populace. Furthermore, the ruins of a 400-year-old temple here is also among the major draws for tourists.

Halliday Island:
Lying to the south of the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, are the Halliday Island Wildlife Sanctuary -- the last retreat of the Barking Deer, and the Lothian Island Wildlife Sanctuary -- a haven for bird viewers.

The shallow waters and beaches at Kanak is one of the well known resting places of the Olive Ridley Turtles in Sunderban. During their breeding season, these turtles migrate from a long distance to the shallow coastal waters. It is believed, that the turtles travel upriver a distance of about 100 km from the sea mouth into the Sunderban.

This small town on the way to Sunderbans is a highly picturesque resting place, and a gateway to the Sunderbans. offers online information on the tourist Attractions in Sunderbans Tiger Reserve in West Bengal, West Bengal Tour Packages and tourist attractions in other parts of India.

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