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Tour Packages for Sunderbans

The tour packages for Sunderbans include customized tours of this famous wildlife sanctuary, which is home to the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger. Lying in the world�s largest delta formed by the rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra, Sunderbans National Park in West Bengal is the largest estuarine sanctuary in the world, and home to a wide variety of thriving as well as endangered wildlife species. Touristplacesinindia offers customized Sunderbans tour packages that include comfortable hotels stays and visits to all the major tourist attractions in and around the Sunderbans.

The vast tract of forest and saltwater swamp at the Sunderbans are home to a rich and diverse variety of flora and fauna that thrive in estuarine conditions. A national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sunderbans Tiger Reserve is the only ecological habitat of the tiger of its kind in India, and excepting Bangladesh, in the world. Flaunting the largest concentration of wild tigers in the world, these forests are also inhabited by numerous aquatic and semi-aquatic animals, which are among the prime wildlife sightings that tour packages to Sunderbans provide.

You can spot an amazing variety of wild animals with the Sunderbans tour packages, including the spotted deer, monkeys, wild pigs, herons, white bellied eagles, kingfishers and even the royal Bengal tiger, if luck prevails. The reserve is home to diverse aquatic and reptile life forms including the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle, Green Turtle, Hawk's Bill Turtle, hard shelled Batgur Terrapin, King cobra, Pythons, Chequered killback, Estuarine Crocodile, Monitor and lizards like the Salvator lizard. These tour packages for Sunderbans can also allow you spot a number of Trans-Himalayan migratory birds that frequent the region.

The Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary located between Peechkali and Gomti Rivers, is part of the Sunderbans National Park and one of the major tourist attractions of the park. Home to numerous species of birds like ospreys, grey herons, spotted-billed pelicans, white ibis, eagles, kingfishers, falcons, herring gulls, Caspian terns and open-billed herons, the sanctuary is a paradise for bird watchers. Tour packages for Sunderbans also include visit to the Mangrove Interpretation Centre, which educates visitors about the conservation requirements of the forests.

The Halliday Island and Lotian Island Sanctuaries, the watchtower in Netidhopani and the beaches at Kanak where you can spot Olive Ridley turtles are some other tourist spots worth visit on Sunderban tours. You can also visit the white sand beach at Frazerganj, the beach resort of Bakkhali and the beach at Ganga Sagar which present excellent opportunities for a relaxed getaway. The picturesque island of Kaikhali, with its lush green jungles and abundance of plants and flowers is one of the well known picnic spots you can head to for a family picnic. The small town of Piyali, on the way to Sunderbans, is known for its scenic beauty and makes for an excellent destination on a Sunderban trip. offers online information on tour packages for Sunderbans Tiger Reserve in West Bengal, and tourist attractions in other parts of India.

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