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   Neemrana fort Neemrana is a small village in the Alwar district of Rajasthan in Western India. The chief attraction of this place is the fort which is perched on a plateau, surrounded by a horse-shoe formation of the Aravalli Mountains. The fort has now been converted into the Neemrana Fort Heritage Hotel, and attracts a large number of tourists to this part of Rajasthan. Tourists can opt for sightseeing and excursions from Neemrana to visit some of the best known spots of Rajasthan tourism.

Some of the best known tourist spots in Alwar can be seen during sightseeing and excursions from Neemrana. Alwar is known as the gateway to Rajasthan as it is the first major destination in Rajasthan encountered during a drive from Delhi. The district has an average elevation of 237 meters above sea level and is flanked by the old Aravalli mountain range. During sightseeing and excursions from Neemrana, you will come across a lot of tourist attractions. Some of these are �

Vinay Vilas Mahal �
this 18th century palace used to be the residence of the rulers of the state of Alwar. A portion of this palace is now being used by the government, while another has been converted into a museum. The palace is a fine blend of Rajasthani and Mughul architecture. Among the things worth seeing here are the gold and velvet throne in the Durbar Hall, the murals, mirror decoration, and the collection of weapons in the museum. The miniature paintings of the Alwar School are among the other interesting exhibits. The palace is also called the city palace.

Bala Quila (Fort) �
situated above the city palace, this medieval fort towers above the city, on a hillock. There are many legends associated with this fort. It is a massive structure and has a large number of towers. The fort is said to have sheltered many Mughul princes during their journeys or exiles. The dimensions of the fort speak volumes about its utility in those days. The fort measures 5 kilometers from North to South, and 2 kilometers from East to West.

Sariska National Park �
this tiger reserve is one of the best known wildlife destinations of the country. This area was brought under protection in 1958. Before that, it used to serve as the hunting grounds of the rulers of Alwar. The Aravallis guard the forest which was declared a National Park in 1982. It is located 40 kilometers from Alwar and can be easily visited during Sightseeing and Excursions from Neemrana. The important species found here include the Royal Bengal Tiger, leopard, jungle cat, Sambhar, Nilgai, four horned antelope, hyena, and crocodile. A large variety of birds can also be spotted in Sariska.

Siliserh Lake �
this is a wonderful picnic spot located 13 kilometers south west of Alwar. The lake covers an area of 10.5 square kilometers and is a fine spot for an excursion from Neemrana. The Lake palace was built in 1845 by Maharaja Vinay Singh for his wife. It is now a heritage hotel.

There are many other tourist spots in Alwar that can be visited during sightseeing and excursions from Neemrana. These include the Vijay Mandir Palace, Bhartrihari Temple, and Purjan Vihar, also called Company Garden. offers online information on the places to visit from Neemrana Fort in Rajasthan and other important tourist places in India.