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   Nalanda stupa Nalanda was a reputed university that reached its pinnacle during the period from 7th century till the 12th century when it was destroyed by Turkish invaders. The ruins of the vast university are the most important tourist attractions in Nalanda. The site also has some other interesting spots, including a museum and a research institute. Some other nearby destinations are covered by the Nalanda tour packages offered by the various tour operators in Bihar. The Nalanda tours are the best way to explore this region in eastern India which has some important sites relating to Buddhism.

Duration of Nalanda Tour Packages:
The duration of the Nalanda tours depends on the number of destinations covered. Nalanda is situated very close (72 kilometers) to Patna, the capital city of Bihar. Tour operators can show you around Nalanda in a single day. However, it is a good idea to opt for the longer tours which also cover the other destinations related to Buddhism. This tour, often termed Buddhist circuit tour, includes Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Rajgir, and Sravasti. These tours may extend to 10- 12 days, including night halts. Tour operators also prepare itineraries custom made for tourists. These itineraries cover the places that the tourist wants to visit, often spending more than a day for better exploration.

Accommodation in Nalanda Tour Packages:
Accommodation during these tours is provided in some of the best known hotels in the nearby cities. Hotels in Patna, Rajgir and Bodhgaya provide a wide variety of accommodation that offers excellent services and amenities. Tourists are also offered special facilities and discounts at these hotels if they are a part of the tour packages. Some of the well known hotels near Nalanda are � Hotel Maurya Hotel Pataliputra Ashok, and Hotel Chanakya in Patna, Hotel Centaur Hokke and Hotel Ranchi Ashok in Rajgir, and Hotel Siddhartha International in Bodh Gaya.

Transport in Nalanda Tour Packages:
Transport is provided by the tour operators in luxury coaches or tourist vehicles. The longer tours may involve travel by train. Bookings, on board meals and every other need are well taken care of by the tour operators.

Places covered by Nalanda Tour Packages:
The ruins of Nalanda, the Nalanda museum, the Nava Nalanda MahaVihar, and the Surya temple are some of the spots covered by the Nalanda tours in Nalanda. The other spots covered by the longer tours include Buddhist destinations like Bodhgaya and Rajgir, both major highlights of tourism in Bihar. Other destinations covered include Sravasti, Vaishali, Lumbini, Varanasi Kushinagar, and Sarnath. offers all inclusive online information about Nalanda Tour Packages, and other important tourist places in India.