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How to Reach Kumarakom

How to Reach Kumarakom is a common question that a tourist who is planning to take a Tour to Kumarakom can ask. Kumarakom can be reached by rail, road and by air. A small town in Kerala, Kumarakom is a cluster of islands on the Vembanad Lake. It is an ideal tourist destination which is famous for its natural beauty with backwater and pleasant weather. Tourists visit Kumarakom every year from different parts of India and worldwide. A brief idea regarding How to Reach Kumarakom is given below.

Reaching Kumarakom in Kerala in India is easier by both roadways and railways. Train services connect Kumarakom with the rest of the country via Kottayam which is situated at a distance of 16 kilometers from Kumarakom.

Traveling to Kumarakom by flights can also be convenient. Tourists, who want to spend the most of their vacation at Kumarakom without spending much time on traveling to the spot, can opt to reach Kumarakom by flight. Such tourists can board flights that are destined to land at Cochin International Airport or at Trivandrum International Airport. Cochin International Airport and the Trivandrum International Airport are situated at a distance of 70 kilometers and 171 kilometers from Kumarakom, respectively. Kumarakom is well connected to both these airports by roads and railways.

Roadways can also be availed to reach Kumarakom. The town can be reached via Kottayam. The roads that connect Kumarakom to Kottayam are all-weather motorable. There is a good network of roads from other cities in Kerala too, which connect Kumarakom to the different parts of the state. Buses and taxis ply at regular intervals from Kottayam to Kumarakom.

With frequent transportation system from all corners of the state, reaching Kumarakom has become easier. Traveling to Kumarakom becomes more easy and interesting if one gathers all relevant information about how to reach Kumarakom.

Undoubtedly, Kumarakom is an interesting tourist destination and with several modes of transport connecting Kumarakom to other parts of Kerala and the rest of India, there has been a steady growth in the number of tourists visiting Kumarakom. provides detailed information on how to reach Kumarakom.

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