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�Kumarakom � Natural Beauty at its Best� is well said and well described while talking about Kumarakom. Kumarakom is a small and beautiful village formed by a cluster of islands on the Vembanad Lake. The natural beauty of the place gets enhanced with the backwater lagoon, the coconut trees edging the lakes and the marshes, paddy fields, natural habitat of various species of birds, ayurvedic resorts and many other such interesting things.

Tour to Kumarakom in Kerala in India must encompass a ride on the boat over the lagoon and the Vembanad lake, body treatment at the ayurvedic resorts, a visit to the bird sanctuary and several other activities that would help the tourists to explore and experience the natural beauty of the place in its true form. While on Kumarakom Tour, tourists can indulge in several water sports like fishing, boating, swimming, waterskiing and windsailing.

Natural Beauty of Kumarakom can also be enjoyed while staying at the ayurvedic resorts, which are spread over huge stretches of land and offer excellent accommodation to the guests. The guests are given rejuvenating body massages and treatments with several types of herbal oils and herbal products. The Kumarakom Bird sanctuary is the most visited tourist venue in Kumarakom. This marshy stretch of land is the natural habitat of various species of birds. Migratory birds make this sanctuary their home during the winter season. The ornithologist�s dream destination, this sanctuary can be best explored during the winter season, that is during November to April. Vembanad Lake is another interesting tourist destination for people visiting the place from corners of the world and adds to the natural beauty of Kumarakom. Vembanad Lake is the largest backwater lake and a boat ride on the lake is an experience in itself as the tourists can view the beauty of the surroundings with stretches of green extending inland from the shore. The waterfalls around Kumarakom make excellent picnic spot for both tourists and locals.

The tradition and culture of the people, the serene and the tranquil atmosphere of the place makes Kumarakom an interesting tourist destination. provides detailed online information about �Kumarakom - Natural Beauty at Its Best�. also offers booking facility for India Tours and Travels.

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