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Tour Packages for Jim Corbett

Tour Packages for Jim Corbett, Package Tours to Corbett
Corbett National Park was established in 1936 as Hailey National Park as part of the conservation efforts of Jim Corbett, the famous hunter and conservationist who had lived and worked in this region. The park was named after him in 1955 and was declared a tiger reserve in 1973 along with eight other such reserves. Tourism in Corbett National Park has seen steady growth over the years and has had a positive impact on Wildlife tourism in India. Tourists from all over the world are visiting Corbett in increasing numbers every year, thanks to the many tour packages for Corbett National Park that are being offered by the government and private agencies. The tour packages for Corbett National Park include tiger tours, elephant safaris, jeep safaris, trekking tours, river tours, bird watching tours and other tours meant to concentrate on some unique aspect of the park.

Tour Packages for Corbett National Park:

Jeep Safari in Corbett:
Jeep safaris in the park include extensive tours of the forest accompanied by expert guides. The tours usually include dining and lodging in the nearby hotels or resorts. Many Jeep safaris involve tours to the nearby tourist spots like Nainital and Ranikhet and pick up and drop from Ramnagar or even Delhi. Recreations like bonfires and dances are also arranged in these tours.

Elephant safari in Corbett:
The elephant safaris involve transfer from Ramnagar or Delhi, as per the itinerary. The areas covered in the elephant safaris include Domunda, Lehachaur, Rathuiadav, Vatanvasa, and Dhikala. The elephant rides are the highlight of the tours. Expert guides accompany the tourists and with their help spotting animals becomes much easier. Some operators include excursions to nearby locations in their elephant safaris.

Fishing and angling tours in Corbett:
The Ramganga river flowing through Corbett National Park provides excellent opportunities for fishing. Many tour packages for Jim Corbett include these fishing and angling tours. These tours involve pick up from Delhi or Ramnagar, overnight stays in the resorts or other accommodation as mentioned in the packages and guided trips to the Ramganga river for fishing. The river also offers the wonderful opportunity of watching mugger crocodiles and gharials in their natural habitat. Fresh water turtles and other animals visiting the riverside are also treats offered by these tours. The fishing tours also take tourists to the confluence of Sarda and Saryu rivers at Pancheshwar, and the leopard beach tented camp near Rishikesh.

Bird Watching tours in Corbett:
Corbett National Park is home to about 580 species of birds. The Bird watching tours in Corbett include trips within the park as well as in nearby areas famous for bird watching. Typically, the bird watching tours include guided trips to areas like Pangot , Mongoli valley and Corbett park. The Dhikala tourist complex and Ramganga river provide excellent bird watching locations. Trips to the other areas of the forest including the regions surrounding the Kosi river are usually part of the bird watching tours.

Some tours include two or more of the other tours, and tend to be extended over 8 or more days. Many tiger safaris include Corbett as their major stops in North India. The tour packages for Corbett National Park are an ideal way to explore this magnificent forest. offers all inclusive information about Tour Packages for Corbett National Park and other tourist places in India.

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