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Jim Corbett National Park is one of the major wildlife destinations in India. The park was chosen as the venue for the inauguration of the project tiger in 1973 and is among the first nine tiger reserves established in India. Corbett has a healthy tiger population and provides an ideal habitat for the big cat and other Indian wildlife species. The forest was originally a part of Uttar Pradesh, but is now a part of the territory of the newly formed state of Uttarakhand. Over 50 mammals, 25 reptile, 580 birds and 110 plant species are found in Corbett National Park. The major animals spotted here include the tiger, elephants, sloth bear, Himalayan black bear, spotted deer, langur, rhesus monkey and the mugger crocodile. A large number of tourists travel to Jim Corbett National Park every year, making it an important aspect of wildlife tourism in India.

Facts and Figures

Travel to Jim Corbett National Park, Corbett Tiger Reserve
Area600 sq km (core area
of 322 km)
Altitude400 - 1200 meter above
the sea level
Annual Rainfall 1,294.5 mm
Maximum Temperature 45°C
Minimum Temperature 5°C
Languages English, Hindi
Best Season February to May
STD Code 05945 (Ramnagar)

Best Season, Climate, and Clothing:

The park is closed during the monsoon, and the best time to visit is after the rains during the period between January and mid June. Summer is a good time to visit since the probability of viewing animals near the waterholes goes up considerably. In the winters temperature goes down to as low as 5°Centrigrade ,while in summers it can reach up to 45°Centrigrade.Comfortable light colored cotton clothes are advised in summer while in winter heavy woolens may be required.

Park Trips:
The Jeep and elephant safaris are one of the major highlights of the park. They are the best way to explore the park, and expert guides accompany these safaris to make the experience enjoyable and knowledgeable at the same time.

Accommodation and Transport:
There are many options for tourist accommodation in and around Corbett today. These include rest houses, lodges, log huts and luxury tents run by the forest department and other agencies. Corbett National Park is easily accessible from Ramnagar rail station which is only 21 kilometers away and is connected by an overnight train with Delhi. Delhi is the nearest international airport. Ramnagar can also be accessed by road from Delhi, Nainital, Ranikhet and other nearby cities. offers all inclusive information about Jim Corbett National Park and other tourist places in India.

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