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Tourist Visa To India From France

With Indo-French relations entering its best phase, the tourism industries in both countries are also reaping huge benefits. Hordes of French nationals visit India every year. If you are a French national intending to visit India as a tourist, you must seek visa from the Embassy of India in France, which issues tourist visa to India from France. You may apply for and obtain visa to enter India at the Embassy Consulate at the address mentioned below:

Consular Section
Embassy of India
20, rue Albéric Magnard
75016 - Paris

Embassy of India, France
15, Rue Alfred Dehodeneq
75016 Paris, France

The Embassy accepts Indian visa applications between 0930 hours and 1030 hours on working days and visas are delivered between 1600 hours and 1700 hours on working days. You may procure visa application forms directly in person from the abovementioned address or get it through post. An easier method is to download the forms online from

Documents to be attached with visa applications to obtain a tourist visa to India from France

  • Passport (valid for at least six months)
  • Dully filled in application form
  • Two recent photographs

    Requisite visa fee applicable for French nationals for a six-month multiple entry tourist visa to India.

    Note: Citizens of other countries residing in France must attach a photocopy of their residence permit along with the visa application.

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