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Khajuraho Temple


Built Between 9th and 12th century AD
Built by Chandela Dynasty
Location Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh)

The geniuses of the ancient architects clearly get reflected in the temples of Khajuraho that were built by the rulers of the Chandela dynasty. These temples are located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and the sculptures and images of the temples depict eroticism, dance, music and other themes from the ancient times. These 10th-11th century temples offer an excellent fusion of science and architecture.

Architectural Style:

The Khajuraho temples are the most remarkable manifestations of the typical north Indian architecture and mirror the religiosity, patronage, artistic genius and aesthetic sense of the ancient rulers of the region. The type of architecture is �Nagara� and over 20 of the original 85 temples have withstood the ravages of climate and sheer neglect. The temples are standing on the high raised platforms and are intricately sculpted both in the interiors and the exteriors.

Groups of Temples of Khajuraho:

The temples of Khajuraho can be categorized into the three groups and they are western, eastern and southern. Every group has its distinct appeal that casts a spell on the beholder.

Temples of Western Group:

Kandariya Mahadeo: It is a typical Khajuraho temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it soars to an amazing height of 31 meters. The sanctum houses a lingam, while the main shrine is opulently carved and depicts various gods, goddesses, apsaras (heavenly maidens) in intricate detail. The ceilings of this temple are particularly remarkable and the pillars supporting them have elaborately carved capitals.

Matangeshwara Temple: It is a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and boasts an eight feet high lingam. The southern part of this temple is an open air Archaeological Museum featuring exquisitely displayed collection of statues and friezes that were collected from the temple compound. Some of the other temples belonging to this category are Chaunsat Yogini, Chitragupta Temple, Vishwanath Temple and Lakshamana Temple.

Temples of Eastern Group:

Parsavanatha Temple: It is the largest among all the Jain temples and was installed in the year 1860. Everyday activity is exhibited through the sculptures on the northern wall by the master craftsmen of Khajuraho. Here, you will also come across a throne facing the bull emblem of the first tirthankara, Adinath.

Adinatha Temple: It is the last of the Jain temples and devoted to the Jain saint, Adinatha, and is stunningly decorated with sculptures of yakshis. Several Hindu temples located here are Brahma temple, Vamana temple and Javari temple.

Temples of Southern Group:

Duladeo Temple: This temples houses spectacular images of the apsaras, and other beautiful sculptures and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Chaturbhuj Temple: This temple flaunts a massive, ornately carved image of Vishnu in the sanctum and draws the attention of even the most listless tourist.

Khajuraho Dance Festival:

This is an extravagant event that takes place every year and don�t miss out to be a part of this event in your India temple tour and the splendid temples if Khajuraho form a grand setting for the events. The artistes from various parts of the country participate and display the various dance forms including Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Oddisi and Kathakali.

How to reach Khajuraho:

Khajuraho has an airport that connects the various other destinations of India by the major domestic airlines such as Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Indian and Kingfisher Airlines. Khajuraho can be accessed by rail transport also and links the major towns such as Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi with the nearest railhead Satna. The road network of state and national highways is quite smooth and links Khajuraho with the other destinations such as Mahoba, Harpalpur, Satna, Jhansi, Gwalior, Agra, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Indore, and Chhatarpur.

Khajuraho is a repository of some of the finest temples of India and will make your tour to this ancient town a rewarding experience. is the travel site offering online information on Temples of Khajuraho and offers the various tour packages also. For more information on the tourist destinations of India, keep browsing through this site.