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South India Tour Packages

South India is a repository of exquisite temples and architectures that could be spotted in the various towns. The temples were built during the reign of the ancient dynasties such as Cholas and Pallavas and have retained much of their old glory. The skillfully sculpted figures of the various deities and animals on the rocks are testimonies to the rich heritage and culture of the past. Enjoy your temple tour with the South India Temples tour as these packages are tailor made keeping in mind the services that would match the travelers’ interest the most.

The Tour Packages for South India Temples are available in various costs and durations and have been designed keeping in mind the interests of the varying interests and needs of the travelers. The duration is determined by the number of sites that are covered by the itinerary and could range from four days to over a fortnight.

Enjoy your vacations in south India with a touch of spiritualism and fun with these packages. These packages cover the interesting places of pilgrimage such as Kanchipuram, Tirupati, Mahabalipuram and various other pilgrimage spots that are located nearby such as Thanjavur and Madurai. The rock cut sculptures located in the pristine and calm ambiance add to the delight of the tour. All the activities including sightseeing and lodging are included in the tour packages to make your travel a rewarding experience.

The holiday Packages for South India Temples also guarantee you the best of accommodation and you can express your wish to put up in any choice of accommodation you like the most. You can either opt for the lavish accommodations or simply the budget ones depending upon your budget. The typical South Indian hospitality and services extended by the staff of the hotels will certainly win your heart and make your sojourn a gratifying experience.

South India’s pilgrimage destinations are accessible from the major Indian destinations due to the efficient network of transport that has been developed here. Whether it is Tirupati, Mahabalipuram, Thanjavur, Kanchipuram or Rameshwaram, you can access these places by the air, rail and road transport as well.

The South India Temples tour are designed by the expert people and have every ingredient incorporated to ensure an outstanding travel experience at the same time, offering great value for money.

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