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Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji is one of the most spectacular temples in the country and is also the most honored Vaishnavite shrine dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. The ancient shrine was established with the generous patronage of all the kings from the various ruling dynasties including the Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas and Vijayanagar kings. The captivating Tirupati town is located in the Chittoor district in the southern region of Andhra Pradesh and is a major crowd puller among the various pilgrimage spots of south India. Tourism in Tirupati has experienced a huge upsurge as numerous devotees visit this place from all over India.

The holy temple of Tirupati Balaji is located on one of the seven hills also called as Venkatachalam. Tirupati Balaji TempleCovered completely in gold, the gopuram over the sanctum is known as Ananda Nilayam and houses a stunning idol of the worshipped deity. The doorways inside the temple are intricately carved and also contain mandapams and shrines. One can also spot a number of stucco figures of Hindu deities such as Vaishnava, Hanuman, Kevale Narasimha, and Lakhshmi Narasimha. The prime mandapam is the Krishna Deva Raya mandapam also called as Pratima Mandapam and has the bronze images of Krishna Deva Raya, who was the emperor of Vijayanagar with his two consorts.

There is also a statue of Venkatapathy Raya of the Aravidu dynasty and there are beautiful pictures of the Vijayanagar period. The inner entrance of the temple is called Nadimi Padi Kavali featuring wooden doors covered with silver plates. You will also find numerous inscriptions dating back to the Pandyan monarch Sri Narasimhaswami Shrine is also there inside the temple dating back to the 15th century and is enclosed by polished mandapam. There are dance poses that are sculpted elaborately on the pillars.

The temple of Tirupati Balaji becomes even more dazzling during the festivities and though everyday is a festival at this temple, the grand event is Brahmotsava that lasts up to nine days in the month of September. The most important days of this festival are the fifth and ninth days as Garudostavam and Rathotsavam take place during this period.

Before the pilgrims enter this temple, they take a dip in the Pushkarini tank, the waters of which are regarded holy and highly acclaimed in the Puranas. Hymns are sung regularly during the day starting with the suprabhata darshanam and ends with the ekanta seva.

Since it is one of the most revered among the temples in Tirupati, a huge number of pilgrims drop in here and offer prayers and various offerings after patiently waiting in long queues. The offerings even include cash and jewelry and the pilgrims stand for hours with their head bowed in supplication.

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