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Tourist Attractions in Sariska

Sariska National Park is one of the best known protected forests of India, as it is also a famous tiger reserve. The park is an important part of tourism in Rajasthan, being visited by scores of tourists. The tourist attractions in Sariska include the rich wildlife, the historic buildings located inside and nearby the national park, the tourist spots located nearby and the major Fairs and festivals of the region.

Wildlife in Sariska includes a large number of animals, birds and the flora. The vegetation varies with the topography of the park. The chief species are Dhok, Khair, Tendu, Goria, Surwal, and Ber. Thorny bushes and sparsely spread grasslands are also a part of the flora. The animals are the real tourist attractions in Sariska. Tigers, leopards, jungle cat, caracal, hyena, jackal, fox, and wild dogs make up the list of carnivores here. Spotted deer (chital), nilgai, sambar, porcupines, four horned antelope, and the wild boar are some of the herbivores found in the forest. The park has an equally impressive bird population. Grey partridges, sand grouse, quails, wood peckers, king fishers, the great Indian one horned owl, and the crested serpent eagle are among the well known bird species spotted here.

The hides that are strategically placed near major water holes of the forest are also among the tourist attractions in Sariska. These hides are the best way to observe and if possible photograph the wildlife from close quarters.

Sariska National Park is also famous for some magnificent ruins, and palaces belonging to the medieval ages. These structures are located in and around the park. The most famous among these is the Sariska palace hotel. This erstwhile hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Alwar is now a luxury hotel. It�s a curious mix of various architectural elements and a sprawling garden is its charm. The Kankwari fort is yet another famous monument, although it lies in ruins today. Aurangzeb, the last of the great Mughuls is said to have kept his elder brother, Prince Dara Shikoh in captivity in this fort. The fort is located on a hill and provides a wonderful panoramic view of the surroundings. The Neelkantha temples are among the oldest temples in Alwar, built between the 6th and 13th centuries. They mostly lie in ruins but some of them are still visited by the locals for their rituals. The temples are located about 32 kms from Sariska.

The town of Alwar itself is a historic place and is considered to be among the tourist attractions in Sariska. Located about 36 kms from Sariska, Alwar has a fascinating museum, apart from the temples, tanks and the hill fort located in the town. Deeg is another tourist spot near Alwar, known for its palaces and beautiful gardens.

Among the natural attractions, the Siliserh Lake must be mentioned. This lake is the habitat of a large number of wildlife species, including the crocodile, amphibians, snakes and many water birds. Boating in the lake is a nice way to spend time. A beautiful palace built in the 19th century stands near the lake.

If you are interested in the local customs, then holi, the festival of colors, and dipawali, the festival of light, are the festivals during which you can visit the place. The villages are also great attractions at Sariska, offering a rare glimpse into the life-style of the people of this region, their crafts, daily chores, and their customs.

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