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Tour Packages for Sariska

The tour packages for Sariska are the best way to explore the wildlife and other important tourist attractions of this fascinating place in Rajasthan. Tourism in Sariska is chiefly dependent on the popularity of the Sariska National Park. The varied wildlife in Sariska is the highlight of the Sariska tour packages. However, there are many other tourist attractions near Sariska that can be visted in an organized manner by booking one of the many Sariska tour packages.

A large number of tour operators offer a wide range of tour packages that include Sariska in their itineraries. While some itineraries are exclusively meant for Sariska, some include Sariska as one of the stops along with other tourist places in Rajasthan. The duration of the Sariska tour packages depends on the number of destinations that the tour covers and the nature of the tour. Short tours of Sariska can be covered within a day or two, while some longer ones extend to over two weeks and cover many other aspects of tourism in Sariska, like exploring the villages, and crafts of the region.

The chief attraction of all the Sariska tour packages is the Sariska National Park. This protected forest is a wonderful tourist spot, being home to a large number of wild species, including the majestic Indian tiger. Sariska is also a tiger reserve, and the major tour packages include safaris in the park. Apart from the wildlife, there are many other attractions in Sariska. These are the Sariska palace, some ancient Shiva temples, Siliserh Lake, and the Kankwari fort.

The town of Alwar near Sariska is another tourist attraction that is covered by many tour packages for Sariska. This town has historic associations as it was home to the erstwhile royalty of Alwar. The Hill fort, museum, and some famous temples are among the chief attractions of Alwar.

The tour packages arrange for all your needs during the tours. Accommodation is provided in some of the best hotels available. If you have to stay in Sariska, there are many hotels, the best known among which are the Sariska palace hotel, Hotel Tiger Den, and Sariska tiger heaven. Alwar has many hotels as well. The longer tour packages will also include the best known hotels in the towns or cities included in their itinerary.

The tour packages offer comfortable transportation. Usually, road transport is preferred over other modes, and luxury coaches are used for the tours. Some exclusive tours, like horse safaris, or camel safaris will involve travel by these animals. Jeep safaris are also included in many Sariska tour packages.

The most famous tour package of Sariska is offered by the Indian Railways, aboard the Fairy Queen. This is the oldest running steam locomotive of the world. The two coaches of this luxury train takes tourists from Delhi to Alwar and includes a safari in Sariska National Park. offers online information about the Sariska tour packages along with information about the tourist places in Rajasthan. For more information on the tour packages of Sariska, log on to

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