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Samode is peacefully nested among the rugged hills of the Aravallis and offers you a pleasant journey into the bygone era of the royals. This village is also famous for the artistic works and the prominent one being the wonderful miniature paintings on old paper. Besides, the rich culture and heritage of this town is equally impressive and the people are warm and friendly thus reflecting their old traditions of holding the guests in high esteem. There are many tourist attractions in Samode that you will come across during your tour to Samode that are recognized for their architectural grandeur. Some of them are:

Samode Palace:
This palace is the leading landmark of Samode and one of the most indispensable things to watch in Samode. Exuding its stately grandeur with frescoed walls, it is one of the most imposing palaces in entire Rajasthan. It is an architectural delight featuring the wonderful paintings on the walls of Sultan Mahal, the spacious dining room with stained glass windows, the Durbar Hall with its painted ceilings and elaborately carved walls. It is a magnificent palace surrounded by fantastic landscapes. It also showcases a wealth of frescoes, some of them depicting religious subjects. The chandeliers and carved walls further add to the ethnic charm of this place significantly and make it a must visit among the tourist attractions in Samode.

Samode Bagh:
It was built by Rawal Sheo Singhji more than 400 years ago and is modelled on the geometric style of Mughal Gardens. The members of the Samode family came here to spend some moments of seclusion and relax in the airy pavilions, surrounded by water fountains. The meeting point at the Bagh is the stylishly furnished Durbar tent. The lawns, fruit trees, grape vines, and the flowering shrubs make it an enchanting attraction. You can take delight in the local folk music and dances in the magic of a camp fire and can also swim in the private pool or take camel rides to travel around the countryside.

Samode Fort:
This medieval relic seems like a sentinel standing on a hill above the Samode Palace. This was the local king’s residence before Samode Palace was built. The dilapidated ramparts still recall the age old glory of this place. Taking a stroll in the ruins and the surroundings would transport you to a completely different world. This fort also occupies a prestigious place among the tourist attractions in Samode that significantly adds to the old world charm of Samode. offers online information on the Samode tourist attractions and also offers useful inputs on Hotels in Samode.