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About Samode

   Samode is located at a distance of 42 km to the northwest of Jaipur in the state of the royals—Rajasthan. It is nested among the rugged hills of the Aravallis that invariably add to its beauty and make it an ideal place for spending vacations whether with the family or with friends. Samode will be of great interest to those who value ancient art, culture and local handicraft works. The people of this region are quite hospitable and the impressive architectural wonders of this village including the mansions and forts have fascinated generations of tourists. Know more about Samode before you set out for a tour to this enchanting village. is the site providing helpful inputs about Samode that would be of great help to those who are planning a tour to Samode. Samode Palace

Fast Facts about Samode

Languages : Rajasthani, Hindi and English
Best time to visit : October to March
STD code : 0141 (Jaipur)

History of Samode

The history of Samode palace takes us back to around four and half centuries before when it was awarded to Gopal Singhji, one of the twelve sons of Prithviraj Singh of Amber. Samode Palace is one of the important landmarks of Samode which is recognized for its architectural brilliance and is testimonial to the royal past. However, it does not belong to any of the royal families but to a family of noblemen—known as the Rawals of Samode. These noblemen were also conferred the title of “Maha Rawal” by the royal family for their valor and allegiance towards the royal family.

Best Season, Climate and Clothing

Similar to most of the places in Rajasthan, Samode has a harsh climate with hot summers when mercury can reach up to 45° C, and cold winters with the temperature dipping down to 5° C. The ideal time to visit Samode is the months between October and March. With these helpful inputs about Samode, your trip to Samode is certainly going to be a memorable experience. is a reliable travel guide on Samode and provides valuable information on the hotels and tourist attractions in Samode.