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Tour Packages for Nepal and Holiday Offers

   Nepal-market Nepal is a tourist�s paradise in every sense of the term. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, forests, wild life sanctuaries, monuments, temples, museums, you name it and you have it. Tourists pour in every year from all over the world. Nepal tourism is one of the biggest sources of revenue in the country. Being a major tourist spot in Asia, there are many Nepal tour packages. offers you a number of tour packages of Nepal to choose from. There are packages that take you on a cultural and architectural tour of the country. There are certain tour packages that include particular parts of the country. There are some add on packages too, like Dhulikhet packages, Nagarkot packages and Pokhara packages. There are city specific packages as well like the Kathmandu packages. You can choose from a number of trekking packages, mountaineering packages, rafting packages and wild life safaris. There is always an option of combining two or more packages. provides you information on Nepal tour packages and other tourist places in India.