Get information on Nepal, its fast facts, history of Nepal, best season to visit Nepal, climate of Nepal and clothing
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About Nepal

Everest Tourism in Nepal is the largest source of revenue and foreign exchange in the country. Nepal is situated in southern Asia. It has the People�s Republic of China on the north east and India to its south and west. With the backdrop of the Himalayan ranges, Nepal provides unmatched scenic wonders. The splendid aura of the temperate, tropical and coniferous forests and the mountain ranges makes Nepal one of the most alluring tourist destinations. The most important fixation about Nepal is the fact that the country houses eight of the highest mountains of the world. Another feature of Nepal tourism is the beautiful blend of Hindu and Buddhist cultures and traditions.

Some relevant Facts about Nepal:
Nepal is landlocked within the mountain ranges of Himalayas. To the north of Nepal is China and to the south, west and east is India. Nepal has Bhutan in the east and Tibet in the north east. The main entry points from India are Bir gung, Mahendra nagar and Nepal gung.

Fast Facts

Location : Southern Asia, between China and India
Capital : Kathmandu
Area : 147,181 sq km
Land : 143,181 sq km
Water : 4,000 sq km
Map references : Asia
Population : 25 million
Main Languages : Nepali, English
Regional Languages : Awadhi, Newari, Hindi, Bahing, Limbu, Maithili, Mundari
Religion : Hinduism and Buddhism
Unit of Currency : Rupee
People : Hindus, Newars, Tibetans, Gurungs, Magars, Tamangs, Rais, Limbus, Sherpas
Major Industries : Tourism, Handicraft, Agriculture and Water Resources
Time : 05 hrs 45 minutes ahead of GMT/ 15 minutes ahead of Indian Standard time/ 2 hours 15 minutes behind the Beijing time.
Summer temperature : 21 to 28 degree Celsius
Annual rainfall : 70 to 75 inches
Winter temperature : 19 to 13 degree Celsius
Best time to visit : August to December

Tourist attractions in Nepal:
Mt. Everest:
It is a dream spot for trekking. Mountaineers from all around the globe come down to Nepal to try and climb the highest peak of the world.

Chitwan national park:
Nepal�s first national park is known for its unique eco systems.

Pashupatinath temple:
the temple is considered one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites in Nepal.

Bodhnath Stupa:
It is the largest stupa in Nepal and a fortress of Tibetan tradition and culture.

Climate and clothing:
Light cottons are recommended for the summers. It is advisable to keep light woolens handy for the evening. Heavy woolen clothes are a must in the winters as there are chances of snowfall.

Some advise for the tourists:
Get your tours booked through authorized travel agencies.

Always carry photo copies of your records like identity proof and passport. Do not give your original documents to anyone.

If you are traveling to the place for the first time, travel in company. Respect the natives and their traditional values and keep the environment clean.

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