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Reaching Lucknow

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India, and is one of the major tourist places in Northern India. The city holds tremendous importance in terms of historical importance and cultural heritage. Lucknow is famous for its cuisine, handicrafts, culture, and of course magnificent buildings built by the Nawabs as the last rulers of the city were called, who were great patrons of the arts. Thanks to government efforts, tourism in Lucknow has grown considerably over the past decade. Reaching Lucknow is very easy today, as the city can be accessed easily from all the major cities of the country, thanks to an overall improvement in the transportation scenario.

Reaching Lucknow by Air:

Air access to Lucknow is very convenient nowadays. A large number of domestic airlines operate regular flights to the Lucknow airport, which is located about 15 kilometers from the city. The airport can be reached easily from the city by availing many modes of transport.

Reaching Lucknow by Rail:

Lucknow is well connected with the rest of the country by a large number of trains, including some of the best known passenger trains operating in Northern India, including the New Delhi bound superfast Shatabdi Express. Some other trains passing through Lucknow include the Sadhbhavna Express, Shramajivi Express, Neelachal Express, Awadh Assam Express, and Shaheed Express. There are two major railway juctions in the city, namely the Charbagh, and Lucknow Junctions, which lie side by side.

Reaching Lucknow by Road:

Lucknow Roadways

Road transportation in Lucknow is very well maintained, except in some congested parts of the city. The city can be reached conveniently from the major cities of Uttar Pradesh and Northern India. The national highways, NH 24, 25 and 28 pass through the city. Distances from some of the major cities are given below.

Delhi :   497 km
Agra :   363 km
Allahabad :   238 km
Dehradun :   582 km
Kanpur :   77 km
Varanasi :   300 km. offers all inclusive information about Lucknow, in India,including instructions for reaching Lucknow, and other tourist places in India.