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Tour Packages of Lucknow

Avadhs Nawabs in Lucknow The Lucknow tour packages are the best way to explore this wonderful North Indian city which is still draped in its rich cultural heritage and an equally interesting history. Lucknow was the capital of the erstwhile state of Awadh, which enjoyed virtual independence under the severely weakened Mughuls, who still exercised nominal suzerainty over North India. The Nawabs of Lucknow were known as generous patrons of the arts, and during their reign, the arts received a tremendous boost. The city is famous for its cuisine, culture, architecture, and handicrafts.

The Lucknow tour packages usually cover the city and its nearby tourist attractions, within a period of 8-10 days. However, this may vary considerably depending upon the tour operator, and the package selected. Some customized package scan stretch up to 15 days or even more.

Places Covered:
The shorter tours of Lucknow usually concentrate on the major sightseeing options of the city. The chief tourist attractions in Lucknow include famous monuments like the Bada Imambara, Rumi Darwaza, Chota Imambara, The Residency, The Sikandar Bagh, Chattar manzil,Qaiser bagh palace, La Martiniere College, Aurangzeb’s mosque and the State Museum.

The longer Lucknow tour packages cover the nearby tourist attractions in addition to the city’s sightseeing options. The nearby tourist places include Faizabad, Agra, Sravasti, Ayodhya and Kanpur. The starting point of these tours is usually Delhi, from where the international tourists can avail flights to from their respective countries.

Most of the well known operators providing well planned Lucknow tour packages offer excellent accommodation facilities during their tours. Depending upon the package chosen and the costs involved, the accommodation may range from five star luxury o the basic lodging facilities. Hotels like Clarks Awadh, and Taj Residency are among the best Luxury hotels in the state. There is a wide choice of budget hotels too, and the tour packages ensure you get the best deals, being in collaboration with them.

The tour packages are comprehensive, and economical. Since Lucknow is well connected by both railways and air, you need not worry about transportation at all . Everything related to the tours, from dining to transportation is well taken care of. The modes of transport may vary, but usually include air-conditioned luxury tourist coaches, or air-conditioned cars. Special arrangements for groups can be made upon request.

The Lucknow tour packages ensure that tourists keep coming back to this enchanting city and recommend it to others, thus contributing towards the growth of Uttar Pradesh Tourism. offers all inclusive information about Lucknow tour packages and other tourist places in India.