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Tourist Attractions of Indore

Indore is a historic city in Madhya Pradesh which has witnessed some major episodes of Indian history during the 17th to 19th centuries. The last rulers before the British took over the reigns of this former princely estate were the Holkers. They had been rewarded the region around modern Indore by the Peshwas, the Maratha rulers after Shivaji. The city is considered the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh today. A large number of industries have developed in and around the city, which has been known as a major textile hub in this part of the country. Some of the most prominent educational institutions of the region are situated in Indore, including the Indian institute of Management. The tourist attractions in Indore include the historic buildings, memorials, palaces, temples and museums.

The shopping malls, parks and the famous bazaars, or markets can also be considered to be among the tourist attractions in Indore. Tourism in Indore is aided by a large number of Indore Hotels providing a wide range of quality accommodation to the tourists. The Madhya Pradesh tour packages include many itineraries covering the major tourist attractions in Indore.

Important tourist attractions in Indore:

This magnificent palace belonged to the Holkers during the period of their reign over the region. The architecture of this palace is a fine blend of French, Mughal and Maratha architecture. The palace is 200 years old and with its beautiful galleries, gardens, fountains, and an artificial waterfall, is undoubtedly one of the major tourist attractions in Indore. Lalbagh Palace:
This is the other palace of importance built by the Holkers. The palace is an elegant structure and is still used for important functions and ceremonies, as was its purpose in the past. The sprawling gardens of the palace and the interiors make it an important landmark in Indore.

Chattri Bagh:
The Chattris are the local name given to domed structures built as memorials at the cremation sites of the important rulers of the region. The Chattri Bagh is one of the highlights of tourism in Indore as it contains many beautiful memorials that are of special interest to those interested in the history of the region. The garden is located near the Khan River. The memorial of Malhar Rao Holker, the founder of the Holker dynasty is the most prominent structure in the complex.

Kanch Mandir:
This magnificent temple is one of the major sites covered by the Madhya Pradesh tour packages. This Jain temple is intricately adorned by glasses that reflect 21 images of Lord Mahavir, which correspond to the 21 Jain Tirthankaras. The splendid glass work inside the temple is a fascinating example of master craftsmanship. This temple is also called Seth Hukumchand temple, after its builder.

Bada Ganapati:
Bada translates to large and Ganapati is the regional name for the famous elephant God in Hinduism. Ganapati is the major deity in this part of the country, and this temple has the largest statue of Ganapati in the world. The statue measures 8 meters and is made up of iron, copper, brass, gold and silver.

Central Museum:
This museum exhibits many artifacts from the prehistoric to modern era. The most interesting among these are the Paramara sculptures from the 11th and 12th centuries found at Hinglajgarh. The museum has an impressive collection of coins, arms, armors and paintings.

There are many places of interest around the city. Within easy and quick reach are historic places like Maheshwar, the erstwhile ruling post of the Holkers, the Omkareshwar temple, Ujjain, MHOW, Mandu and Patal Pani. offers complete information about the tourist attractions in Indore and other tourist places in India.