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Tour Packages for Indore

Ujjain Mahakal Temple The Indore tour Packages include customized tours of this famous city in Madhya Pradesh in Central India. Indore used to be an estate ruled by the Holkers who rose in power in the 18th century. The reign of Holkers was followed by British rule till Indian independence. The tourist attractions in Indore include many important monuments and buildings belonging to the Holker era, along with many important temples and British buildings. The Indore tour packages, in collaboration with the major Indore hotels, offer a complete tourism experience in the city. The Indore tour packages and the Indore hotels have contributed significantly towards the notable growth of tourism in Indore. Touristplacesofindia offers customized Indore tour packages that include comfortable hotels stays and visits to all the major tourist attractions in Indore.

Destinations Covered:
The major sites covered by the Indore tour packages include �

Rajwada � this is a splendid palace built by the Holkers. This palace has recently been restored back to much of its past glory. The fine structure is an interesting blend of European, Mughal and Maratha architecture. The palace complex is adorned by beautiful gardens, fountains, and an artificial waterfall.

Lalbagh palace � another of the palaces built by the Holkers, this palace was chiefly used as a venue for important meetings in the past. The palace is now a major tourist attraction and is still used for important public ceremonies and events.

Chattri Bagh � this complex is full of interesting structures with canopies, used as memorials of the important Holker rulers. The structures, called chattris, are located at the cremation spots of the rulers. the complex is located near the Kahn river.

Kach Mandir � this magnificent Jain temple is decorated with intricate glasswork. The deity here is Lord mahavira. The temple was built by a local businessman in the early 20th century.

Bada Ganapati � this temple is a revered spot in Indore. The deity of the temple is a colossal statue of Lord Ganapati. Measuring at 8 meters from Crown to feet, this is claimed to be the largest statue of Ganapati inn the world.

Central Museum � also called the Indore museum, it exhibits a large number of artifacts from the prehistoric to modern era. The Paramara sculptures from the 11th and 12th centuries found at Hinglajgarh are the most notable among these. An impressive collection of arms, armors, paintings, jewelry, and coins are also exhibited here.

The Indore tour packages include comfortable overnight halts at some of the best Indore Hotels. The tours include excellent dining facilities and recreational activities like live folk performances, and excursions to nearby locations like Maheshwar and Omkareshwar. Some packages include Indore as one of the stops in long itineraries involving visits to important nearby destinations like Ujjain, Mandu and Patal Pani. offers complete information about the Indore Tour Packages and other tourist places in India.