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Tourist Attractions of Gurgaon

One of the fast growing cities in Greater Delhi, Gurgaon is sited in the National Capital Region. In the past few years Gurgaon has blossomed as the nucleus of IT and other new-age businesses. One of the major tourist attractions of India, the satellite city of Gurgaon has lately been inhabited by several tourists due to the flourishing corporate scenario.

Legend has it that Gurgaon was an ancestral village gifted by the Kauravas and the Pandavas to their guru Dronacharya. The other smaller towns apart from the Gurgaon city include Nuh, Jhirka, Ferozepur Sohna, and Pataudi. These towns offer quite a few quality accommodation options. In fact, a motel at Sohna caters air-conditioned quarters for a comfortable holiday experience for the tourists. You can also avail of family huts, a four-bed dormitory, and camping huts according to the budget capacities. Every year in February the Statesman Vintage Car Rally that takes place is one of the principal events here.

Even though chiefly a commercial city, yet Gurgaon is home to quite a few interesting tourist attractions. The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, for instance, at a distance of 16 km, is a wonderful place for passionate bird lovers. Preserving more than 100 species of birds, the sanctuary was founded by Dr. Salim Ali, and preserves species like crane, spot bill, Saras, ruddy duck, and rosy pelicans. A visit during the winter months (November-February) when the migratory birds fly to this place will be perfect for nature lovers. The hide outs, watch towers and a museum within the bird sanctuary provide for the desires of a curious tourist.

The Damdama Lake, sited a few kilometers towards the south of Gurgaon off Alwar road is a beautiful tourist spot. The tourist resort named Water Banks provides luxurious tents along the lake. Damdama Lake, offers boating facilities and hot air ballooning for the tourists.

The Sheetala Devi Temple is another interesting site in one of the recently developed tourist destinations in India. Situated in the outskirts of Gurgaon at one and a half kilometers, this well known Hindu temple is also called the �Shakti Peeth�. Dedicated to Mata Sheetala Devi - the goddess of small-pox, it is visited by several pilgrims of all religions and beliefs.

Nuh, a town, located around 45km away, on the Delhi-Alwar road, came to be noticed during the rule of Bahadur Singh of Ghasera, owing to the salt trade. The masonry tank of red sandstone, the tomb of Sheikh Musa, exuding both Muslim and Rajput architectural styles, and the shaking towers are some of the notable tourist attractions in Gurgaon.

Other activities:
Shopping is one of the most opted tourist attractions in Gurgaon and the unofficial Mall Capital of India fulfills the travelers� marketing appetite.

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