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Tour Packages for Gurgaon

Golf Park, Gurgaon Tour packages for any place include hotel booking, flight booking and sightseeing trips. You do not have to worry about planning your itinerary in that particular tourist destination. A tour to Gurgaon is one of the interesting options while you are on your tour to India. Developed recently as a major corporate and industrial hub, Gurgaon actually sees the footfalls of several travelers from various corners of the world. In this view, the tour packages prove really helpful for the visitors. They ensure first class tour itineraries meeting the various budget schemes and needs of the various customers.

The Gurgaon tour packages vary in accordance with the period and type of the trip and the accommodation type asked for by the visitors during their holidays in Gurgaon. The tour packages for Gurgaon also guarantee fine lodging options, as per your suitability. On the whole these tour packages ease you of the troubles of hotel booking, transport booking, and sightseeing on your own, thereby assuring you of a smooth travel.

Apart from the transport and hotel booking responsibilities the tour packages in Gurgaon take you through the various interesting tourist attractions as follows:

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary:
At a distance of 16 km from the town, this is a perfect haunt for passionate bird lovers. Founded by Dr. Salim Ali, it preserves over 100 species of birds, like Saras, crane, spot bill, ruddy duck, and rosy pelicans. It is also home to hide outs, watch towers and a museum thus providing lots for an inquisitive tourist. Guest rooms, restaurant, family cottages, bar, water towers, hide outs, and catering wing, are available here.

Sheetala Devi Temple:
At one and a half kilometers in the fringes of Gurgaon, this famous Hindu temple is also called �Shakti Peeth�. Dedicated to Mata Sheetala Devi - the goddess of small-pox it is visited by several people of all religions and beliefs.

Damdama Lake:
Positioned a few kilometers to the south of Gurgaon off Alwar road, Damdama lake is an amazing tourist spot. The adventure resort at Water Banks offers deluxe tents along the lake. You can avail of boating facilities and hot air ballooning here.

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