Dehradun, India, travel, tourism, tours, tour packages, travel plans, Uttaranchal, destinations, hotels, hotelDehradun, India, travel, tourism, tours, tour packages, travel plans, Uttaranchal, destinations, hotels, hotel

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Tapkeshwar Temple,Dehradun Travel, Dehradun Tour, Dehradun Uttaranchal, Places to Visit in Dehradun Dehradun is the Capital of the North Indian state of Uttarakhand which was carved out of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2000. The city is also the headquarters of the Dehradun district. The scenic beauty of the city has been captivating generations of tourists and settlers ever since the first group of Sikh wanderers camped in these valleys after being banished by the mughul emperor Aurangzeb to the wilderness. Touristplacesinindia offers complete information about Dehradun including its history and tourist attractions.

History �
The area has been ruled by many groups over the centuries. The Katyuris of Garhwal ruled here for a long time to be followed by the Sikhs and the Mughuls. The area went under the control of the Gurkhas after that. Following the war between the Gurkhas and the British, the treaty of Sugauli was signed in 1816 and the area came under British control.

Location �
The city is located in the Doon valley in the north west of the state. The valley is situated between the Himalayas in the North and the Shivalik hills to the South. The two pious rivers Ganga and Yamuna flank Dehradun on the eastern and western sides respectively.


Area 37.17 sq. km
Population 270,159
Altitude 695 metres
Languages spoken Hindi and English
Best Time to Visit November-December and April-July
STD code 0135

Climate and Clothing -
The entire region has a very pleasant climate, precisely the reason for the tremendous popularity as a summer retreat since the British period. The summer temperatures range between 16 �C to 40�C. Temperatures during winter range between 23 �C to 5 �C. November to December is the best time to experience the beauty of the snow clad mountains, while the summer months in this valley are an ideal way to beat the heat of the rest of India.

Tourist attractions in Dehradun �
There are many interesting places to visit in Deharadun. The city and its surroundings have many places of religious importance associated with history and legend. Tapovan and Tapkeshwar temple are two religious places associated with the great Indian epic, Mahabharata. The former is believed to be the location of the ashram of Dronacharya , the legendary arms teacher of the Pandavas. Laxman Siddh temple, Maldevta , Santhla devi and Pointa Sahib are some of the other important religious places in and around Dehradun. Robbers cave and Dakpathar are scenic spots from where tourists can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

From Dehradun , tourists can visit Rishikesh, Hardwar , Auli, Mussoorie and other tourist destinations in Uttarakhand. There are many reputed schools, academic institutions and research centers in Dehradun. Some of these are �

  • Forest Research Institute
  • Indian Military Academy IMA , estd 1932
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
  • Wildlife Institute of India
  • Zoological Survey of India
  • Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
  • National Institute for the Visually Handicapped (NIVH)
  • Instrument Research and Development Establishment (IRDE)
  • Botanical Survey Of India

    Dehradun is famous for a special variety of rice popularly known as Dehradun rice. The district is home to many famous schools including the Army school and the Doon school. offers all inclusive information about Dehradun and other tourist places in India.