information on the cuisine tours in India and the rich culinary heritage of India
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Since time immemorial, India has witnessed the invasion of various kingdoms and their subsequent fall as well. Right from the historic rule of Mughals to the British dominion, each and every empire has left imprints of their culture which can clearly be felt on the cuisine of India. Indians are good connoisseurs of food and whether you are strolling on the busy streets of Chandni Chowk in Delhi or the Juhu Chowpatti in Mumbai; you will come across people enjoying their food by roadside vendors and stalls. India is not just about religious sites and picture-perfect scenic destinations; it is also about lip-smacking dishes and the various regional cuisines that you will come across during the cuisine tours.

Indian Food,Cuisine Tours of India, Indian Cuisine, India Cuisine Travel, India food heritage On your Indian Cuisine Tours you will get an opportunity to taste delicious food from different parts of the states that are recognized for their unique methods in dishing out the lip-smacking culinary delicacies. The coastal dishes occupy a predominant position in the cuisine tours since India has a huge coastal stretch and you can take delight in the various dishes that the coastal state of Goa has to offer. The subtle Portuguese influence is also felt in the dishes. Some of the most famous ones are rich fruit cake, plum cake and more cake, biscuits and cookies, pork pies and sweet pies.

Rajasthan is an inescapable destination on the cuisine tours of India and it is rather a blend of the Mughal and the typical Rajasthani fares. The dishes are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and you can take your pick from the dal-bati, besan-chakki, raabdi, bail-gatte, panchkoota, googri and dhungari hui chaach that are simply tongue tickling. If you are interested in cooking, then you can try your hand under the expert guidance of the chefs.

Moving further north and then north-west, on the cuisine tours of India, the dishes of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh are characterized mainly by the sabat mah (shole black lentils) and sarson ka saag (mustard greens). The tandoori dishes that are said to have originated from North-West-Frontier-Province are quite popular in India. If you are traveling on the highways, then you will come across numerous dhabas that are located roadside and offer delicious array of tandoor flavors such as chicken, fish, or paneer tikka, which is the most favorite one.

The dishes of Hyderabad are globally renowned. The cuisine is a striking contrast of the meat and entirely vegetarian south just to make dining an unforgettable experience. Earlier, the Persians made a combination of lamb and the dried beans and spices that simply had a lasting flavor on the palates.

Further south, Kerala is also in the priority list of the travelers. Among the various dishes, the typical south Indian breakfast delicacies such as idli, dosa and sambhar, served with coconut chutney are simply irresistible. Whether it is religious travel or pilgrim travel, cuisine travel in India is fascinating.

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