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Monuments are not built for the people who built them, but for the generations of the future. They are built to let the coming world know about their forefathers and take lessons in humanity and love. Monuments are integral to our understanding of the world where we live. Monuments of India were built for the same purposes and much more than that.

Building great monuments that could remain in this world for generations and carry the name of the builder has always remained a great passion among Indians. This passion has led to the construction of some of the grandest structures in India that men could remember. Some of the greatest monuments in India are timeless wonders that even now continue to inspire people to create something more beautiful and architecturally superb.

The former kings and queens of India were able to imagine and bring that imagination into life. Otherwise, we would not have great monuments like Taj Mahal or temples of Khajuraho or forts and palaces of Rajasthan. The quest of achieving the impossible and beyond imagination helped many of these great rulers to built temples and forts on high altitudes where it was difficult for a man to travel normally. They built monuments in the center of big lakes, large rivers, in the Himalayan valleys, and inside deep forests. Many of these monuments later went into oblivion due to the collapse of the empires who built them or due to natural calamities.

Visit the monuments of India, they are not only structures built of stones, bricks, and mortar, they are stories in themselves. These are the stories of valor, of great rulers, of great societies, and of great people who built them. These monuments tell the stories of India - a great civilization that is more than 3000 years old.

Our tour packages for the monuments of India are interactive yet exhaustive, serious but with elements of fun, created by a team of serious professionals keeping in mind the necessities and requirements of general traveler. It is our endeavor to service you as you want and not as we want you to service. Our tour packages are flexible to give you the choice of modifying the package according your own needs.