Information about the churches of Goa, which have been the part of Goa through the highs and lows of its history
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Important Churches of Goa

The tiny and beautiful state of Goa lies in the western coast in India covering a total area of about 3702 square km. Since 1510 the city was under the control of the Portuguese when the Portuguese General Alfonso de Albuquerque conquered the city from the ruler of Bijapur. The city remained under their control till 1961, when the Indian Army in its mission ´┐ŻOperation Vijay´┐Ż liberated the city from Portuguese control. This association of the State with the Portuguese for a period of over 450 years saw the development of large number of Churches in the city. Important Churches in the city include Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of Lady of Rosary, St Francis of Assisi and Rachol Seminary to name a few. We at provide you with complete information about important Churches in Goa.

The churches in Goa are the key attractions to the tourists and have a wonderful architectural blend. These Churches in Goa has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites and depicts the rich culture that the city has. Some of the important Churches in Goa include:

Se Cathedral Church: It is the largest Church in Asia and is dedicated to St Catherine. It was built by the Portuguese to mark the conquest of Goa by Albuquerque. The Church has fifteen alters and eight chapels and is one of the most sacred sites for the Christians.

The Rachol Seminary: It was originally a Muslim Fortress, which was converted into a Church by the Portuguese. In the 16th Century, it was converted into a seminary for Theological studies.

Church of Our Lady of Rosary: It is one of the oldest Churches in the state and stands as a witness of Portuguese victory in Goa. The Church is simply designed and reflects Manueline style of architecture. The church is situated about 8 km from Panaji and is the spiritual backbone of the state.

Basilica Of Bom Jesus,Churches of Goa, Goa Churches, Churches in Goa, Goa Monuments, Goa Architecture Basilica of Bom Jesus: This Basilica houses the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier and was built in 1605 AD. It is a World Heritage site and stands as a wonderful example of Jesuit architecture. It is a world famous church and is situated about 9 km from Panaji.

Church & Convent of St Francis of Assisi: The Church was built in the year 1521 and is built of laterite plastered with lime. The interior of the Church are Mosaic Corinthian in style with the main alter dedicated to St. Francis.

Other important Churches in Goa include Church of Reis Magos, Chapel of St. Catherine, Church of Holy Spirit and the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. is an international travel site and a repository of useful information about Important Churches in Goa and on other related information about Goa.