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Goa, the 25th state of the Indian Union is a tiny state in the western coast of India. The state covers an area of about 3702 square km with a total population of about 1342998. The state is bounded by two other Indian states, - Karnataka and Maharashtra and is one of the best known paradise for the tourist from all over the world for its scenic beauty, beaches, churches and picturesque villages. The city has 131 km long coastline and has over 4 wild life sanctuaries for the tourist to visit. The state was occupied by the Portuguese from the year 1510 AD till 1961 AD and as a result, the state saw the development of a large number of Churches. We at will provide you with all details on all that you want to know about Goa Churches.

Goa abounds with some of the famous Churches in India. One of the important characteristics about Goa Churches is its wonderful architectural blend. Most of these Churches were built during the Portuguese stay in Goa. Some of the important Churches of Goa include:

Se Cathedral: It is the largest Church not only in India but also in Asia. The Cathedral has fifteen altars and eight chapels, the grand alter being dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria. The original Church was made of mud, stones and straw. However, there were subsequent modifications in the Church and the final Church came up in 1515 AD. The church is one of the most sacred sites for the Christians and is one of the most heritage sites among the monuments in India.

Basilica of Bom Jesus: This is one of the oldest Churches in India which was inaugurated by Archbishop, Dom Fr. Aleixo de Menezes in the year 1605 AD. The Church is situated 9 km from Panaji and is a milestone event in the History of Christianity.

Church of Our Lady of Rosary: It is one of the earliest churches and is located in Old Goa and is about 8 km from Panaji. It is a heritage site and was built in the 15th Century AD after Goa became a Portuguese colony. The simple designed Church is a wonderful example of Manueline style architecture of the Portuguese and marked the first victory of Portuguese in Goa.

St. Francis Church in Goa,Churches of Goa, Visit the churches of Goa, churches in Old Goa, churches in Panaji Church & Convent of St Francis of Assisi: This Church was built in 1521 AD and is dedicated to St. Francis. The interiors of this Church are designed in Mosaic Corinthian style with scenes from Bible illustrated on the walls.

Other important Churches in Goa include Chapel of St. Catherine, Church of Reis Magos, Church of Holy Spirit and the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. is an international travel site and a repository of useful information about Goa Churches and on other related information about Churches in Goa.