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About Bikaner

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   Bikaner is a beautiful city in Rajasthan, which was founded in 1488 by a Rajput, Rao Bika Ji, who choose a barren land named "Jungladesh" and curved it into a beautiful city. It is a wonderful city situated on an elevated ground and surrounded by a seven km long embattled wall with five gates. The Havelis and the festivals in the city signify the position of the city among one of the most cultural cities in India. The Havelis built of red sandstone are the pride of Bikaner and charm everybody who visits the city. Besides, the different festivals like the camel festivals, Gangaur festival, Karni Mata Festival, Kapil Muni fair, and the Kite festival give additional charm to the city. Our site provides you with complete information on all that you want to know about Bikaner.

Fast Facts:

Population : 936,000
Languages : Rajasthani, Hindi, English
Best time to visit : November to February
STD Code : 0151

The city of Bikaner has a large number of tourist destinations which attract large number of tourists every year. Some of the attractions about Bikaner include the following:

Junagarh : This fort was built by Raja Rai Singh in 1593AD and is made of Red sandstone and pure white marble. The fort is 986 m long and has two entrances. The important places inside the fort include the Karan Poal, Anop Mahal, Ganga Niwas, Rang Mahal, Durbar Hall, Gaj Mandir, and Sheesh Mahal.

Bhandaser Jain Temple : It is a 15th Century temple dedicated to the fifth Jain Tirthankara, Sumati Nath Ji and is decorated with rich mirror work, frescoes and gold leaf paintings. The temple is carved in red sandstone and white marble.

Devi Kund Sagar : It is the royal crematorium which has exquisite cenotaphs built in memory of the deceased family members of the royal family. The cenotaphs were made of red sandstone with a rich carving work.

Lallgarh Palace : This palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh in memory of his father in 1902 AD. The palace has magnificent pillars, richly carved fire mantles, Italian colonnades and motif of lotus in full bloom. Bikaner Royal family still lives in a part of this Palace.

Shiv Bari Temple : This temple was built in the 19th Century by Dungar Singhji. The temple is surrounded by embattlement wall and has a four faced black marble Shiva statue and a bronze statue of Nandi. The temple is built of red sandstone and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Gajnerfort-bikaner Basic Facts:

Area: 30247 square km
Languages: Rajasthani, Hindi and English
Population: 19 lacks
Best time to visit: November to February (during winter months)


Maximum Temperature: 47 C
Minimum Temperature: 0.8 C
Rainfall: 20.94 mm


Airport: Jodhpur airport is the nearest airport, which is 235 km from Bikaner.

Railways: Bikaner is linked with major cities in India like Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kalka and Howrah by railway lines.

Roads: Major cities that are linked with Bikaner by roads include Delhi, Jaipur and Jaisalmer. is an international travel site and a repository of useful information about Bikaner and on other related information on the city.