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Tourist Attractions in West Bengal

West Bengal is located in eastern India and has tremendous historic significance for the country. The region has played an important role in the politics of north India since the ancient ages, and even during the freedom struggle of the country covering the 19th and 20th centuries, the Bengal region played a leading role. The state has many tourist attractions and tourism is one of the most important revenue earners for the state government. A tour of West Bengal promises to be informative as well as enjoyable. Natural beauty, places of historic importance, adventure activities, and entertaining tourist places, all can be found in the state.

Major tourist attractions of West Bengal

Kolkata was earlier called Calcutta and served as the capital of British Indian territories till 1911, when capital was shifted to New Delhi. Kolkata is not very old city, as it was developed by the British about 350 years ago. The city grew very quickly and was once famous in Europe as the �City of palaces�. Even today, the city has numerous monuments that remind tourists of the colonial past of the city. Tourists can look forward to a large number of interesting destinations here. These include the Victoria memorial, St John�s Church, St. Paul�s Cathedral, the residences of Subhash Chandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore, the national museum, Asiatic Society, Kalighat temple, Science City, and the Strand. There are numerous destinations around the city that can also be visited if time permits. The city is also called the intellectual capital of India and has produced a large number of world famous intellectuals including Satyajit Ray, the Oscar winning Bengali Film director.

Darjeeling Darjeeling:
One of the most famous hill stations in India, Darjeeling - the �queen of the hills�, is the jewel in the crown of West Bengal. The majestic Himalayas stand proudly around this scenic spot located close to the Nepalese border. Apart from the breathtaking scenic beauty, Darjeeling also offers a large number of tourist attractions like the mountaineering institute, the Mall, Tiger hill and the Tibetan Center. There are numerous other destinations that may be visited from Darjeeling, like Gangtok in Sikkim, Mirik, Kalimpong, Kurseong, and Jaldapara forest. The Darjeeling Himalayan railway (DHR) has been given world heritage status by the UNESCO and is one of the major highlights of tourism in West Bengal.

This city was built by the Nawabs of Bengal, who grew in power and status, having started as the feudatories of the Mughuls. They became sovereigns in their own right under the weak Mughul rulers of the 18th century. In its heydays, Murshidabad was known to be among the wealthiest cities of the world. After the battle of Plassey (1757), the city came under British influence. Very soon the city lost its status as the capital of Bengal to Calcutta. Today, Murshidabad is a tourist attraction in West Bengal offering palaces, and other important places related to the history of Bengal.

West Bengal has numerous other tourist attractions which can be covered systematically by opting for the tour packages of West Bengal. The other major tourist attractions in West Bengal include the Sunderbans, Malda, Bishnupur, Tarakeshwar, Ganga Sagar, and many wildlife sanctuaries.

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