Indianvisit offers complete information on the hill resort of Mussoorie, the fast facts on Mussoorie hill resort, the history of hill resort of Mussoorie, the best season to visit Mussoorie, climate in Mussoorie and clothes to be worn in the hill resort of Mussoorie
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About Mussoorie

Country Side Mussoorie is placed 280 kms away from Delhi, 85 kms from Rishikesh and 34 kms away from Dehradun, the capital of Uttrakhand. The hill resort has been crowned as the Queen of hills because of its mesmerizing beauty. Mussoorie is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Uttrakhand. Set at an altitude of 2005.5 meters, Mussoorie presents a breathtaking view of the Doon valley in the south and the snow clad Himalayas in the north east. The hill resort is more than a century old and is home to many heritage buildings. Apart from these, there are many other facets of Mussoorie that makes it a prominent site of Uttrakhand tourism. Mussoorie gathers its charms from its varied flora and fauna. The hill resort has got its name from a shrub named Mansur, which is prevalent here. Another common craze about Mussoorie is its ropeway ride to Gun hill.

Fast Facts

Location Uttrakhand
Distance 230 kms from Delhi
Area 65 sq km
Altitude 2005.5 meters/ 6950 feet.
Summer temperature 23 to 10 degree Celsius
Rainfall 180 centimeters annually
Winter temperature 10 to 1 degree Celsius
Population 25,400 approx
Languages Garhwali, Hindi and English
Best time to visit April to June/ September to October
STD Code 0135

Tourist attractions in Mussoorie:

Gunhill: it is the second largest peak in Mussoorie. The major attraction here is the 400 meter rope way ride to its peak. The view of the surroundings from the ropeway car is breathtaking.

Municipal Garden: A hot spot for picnic lovers, you would find natives and tourists alike.

Tibetan Temple: This temple is a symbol of Tibetan culture and heritage.

Kempty Falls: The biggest water fall in the region, it is one of the major tourist sites in Mussoorie.

Camelís back road: While visiting Mussoorie you simply cannot miss a horse ride on this road.

Climate and clothing:
The weather is at its best during the summers. Winter witnesses extreme cold and snowfall in this region. Cotton clothes and light woolens are required for the summers while heavy woolen clothing is a must in the winters. The most favorable climate for visiting Mussoorie is during April, June and September, October.

Some advise for the tourists:

  • It is advisable to book your tours from an authorized travel agency.
  • Always have a photo copy of your records like identity proof and passport. Keep in mind not to give your original documents to anyone.
  • Avoid stray guides. It is better to book your travel guide from a recognized agent.
  • Make sure you are not tricked into some illegal matter.
  • If you are traveling to the place for the first time, travel in company.
  • Do not wander around hilly areas in the night.
  • Respect the natives and their traditional values.
  • Visiting a new place and littering the environment is a strict no-no.