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Entrance Gate of Mandawa Situated in the Shekhawati region, Mandawa, with its beautiful forts and palaces is one of the major tourist destinations of Rajasthan. For a long time Mandawa has been the stronghold of the Rajput merchants. The Rajasthani charm and flavor can be relived if you take a tour of these forts and palaces of Mandawa. Every haveli in Mandawa has its own uniqueness which is reflected on the paintings and the murals found on the walls. There are several tourist attractions in Mandawa, but among these the most famous is the Mandawa fort, constructed some time in the 18th century. All these factors have contributed towards the growth of tourism in the area. So if you are wondering how to reach Mandawa, you do not have to spare much thought on this as this place is very well connected by rail, road and air.

How to reach Mandawa by Air

The nearest airport to Mandawa is the Jaipur airport which is about 168 km from here. So if you are planning to take a flight during your tours to Mandawa, you have to book flights for Jaipur. From hre, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach to travel to Mandawa. Reaching Jaipur from different corners of the country, like Mumbai, Delhi and Udaipur is easy as it is one of the most notable domestic airports.

How to reach Mandawa by Rail

You can also access Mandawa by rail. Jhunjhunu rail station is in close proximity to Mandawa. If you are planning to travel to Mandawa by rail, then you can take a train from Delhi, Jaipur or Bikaner.

How to reach Mandawa by Road

If you are traveling on a shoe string budget, then the best way to go on your Mandawa tours is by buses. You can find a very good network of roads in the entire Shekhawat region. Both government and private buses operate in the Mandawa region. When traveling in a group of four to five persons, you can also opt for hired taxis to move around the place. can provide you more information on how to each Mandawa and other tourist places in India.