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Tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is located at a distance of 60 km to the south of Chennai and was formerly known as Mammalapuram. It is a significant tourist place of Tamil Nadu and is well-known for its stunning stone carvings and ancient temples. There are several monuments in Mahabalipuram that have been recognized by the UNESCO and are must watch for the tourists embarking on a tour to Mahabalipuram. Moreover, Mahabalipuram is quite well-liked for its sun-drenched beaches that are peaceful retreats to laze or to take languorous strolls in the evening. All the tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram have their individual appeal and mirror the historic charm of the golden era.

There are many things to watch in Mahabalipuram some of the important ones being:

Thirukadalmallai: It is an awe-inspiring temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and it was built by the Pallava King to protect the sculptures from the turbulent waves of the sea. Surprisingly, after the construction of this temple, the remaining structure remained undamaged.

Shore Temple: It is an attractive temple located on the shore and is quite prestigious among the tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram. Beautifully sandwiched between the two Shiva temples it is an aesthete�s delight and remarkable for its architectural masterpieces. The exquisite sculptures of Nandi� the bull and the figure of Vishnu are located in the sanctum.

Pancha Pandava Rathas: Positioned in the southern end of Mahabalipuram these impressive structures date back to the 7th century and are simply a visual delight. There are five Rathas (chariots) and have been impeccably carved out a single rock. You will find massive stone animals that are carved out.

Arjuna's Penance: It is an enormous bas-relief done up with detailed carvings and include a family of elephants and monkeys. You will find the carvings on the bas-relief are actually the stories from Panchatantra. A little distance from here is Krishna Mandapa, which is another bas-relief of beguiling architectural excellence.

Caves: Among some of the most favored Mahabalipuram tourist attractions, the caves occupy an important place. Featuring two incarnations of Vishnu that are Varaha (boar) and Vamana (dwarf), Varaha cave is a rock-cut mandapam (hall). You will also find a seventh century Dharmaraja Cave, which consists of three empty shrines. Mahisasurmardini Cave and Tiger cave are among the other caves that are located here.

Krishna's Butterball: Is a gigantic natural rock balanced on a hillside and its appearance enthralls its visitors since it would seem to roll down any moment.

Mahabalipuram is an adventurer�s delight and you can indulge in the various adventure pursuits such as bike trips, boat rides, fishing trips, trekking and wind surfing at your leisure. offers online information on the Tourist Attractions in Mahabalipuram and also offers useful inputs on tour to Mahabalipuram.

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