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Tourist in Khajjiar Khajjiar is located at a distance of 22km from Dalhousie at an altitude of 6400ft. A breathtakingly beautiful, saucer shaped green meadow is the main attraction of this quaint hill station. Dense deodar forests and snow capped mountain peaks further intensify the beauty of this enchanting scenic spot near Dalhousie. Khajjiar is blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes to be found in the state of HImachal Pradesh. There are plenty of opportunities for adventurous activities like trekking, mountaineering, para gliding and ice skating out here at Khajjiar. Khajjiar tour pacakages give you an insight into the different sightseeing places at Khajjiar and other nearby places.

Chamba, Dalhousie, and Dharamsala are some of the places which are generally part and parcel of the Khajjiar tour pacakges. Usually these tour packages last for seven to eight days. There are special Khajjiar tour packages available for the newly wed couples for their honeymoons. Khajjiar is the perfect destination for family holidays too. Touristplacesinindia offers customized tour packages which include details about Khajjiar hotels and visits to all the major tourist attractions in Khajjiar.

Although it is a small place, tourism in Khajjiar is immensely popular and people from far flung areas visit this place. Kalatope Khajjiar Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary where animals of different species can be found. In the center of the large glade of Khajjiar, lies the Khajjiar Lake. This lake is considered to be sacred and closely associated with the 'Khajjinag'- a Hindu deity after whom Khajjiar has been named. The Khajji Nag temple lies at a short distance from the lake and belongs to the 12th century AD. There are images of the defeated Kauraves carved out on the temple roof.

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The other major sites covered by the Khajjiar tour packages include:

Set against the backdrop of Dhauladhar mountains, Dharamsala is home to the Tibetan Monastery, based at Maclodganj. This is also the seat of the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama. Other places to be explored include a visit to the Baijnath Temple, where famous Hindu deities are kept.

At Chamba, you can enjoy absolute tranquility amidst stunningly beautiful surroundings. Thick, dense forests are a part of this place. This was originally a small historic town which later emerged as a great tourist destination. Several ancient temples of various Hindu deities are scattered in different corners of the place. The forests surrounding the region are also the habitat of different birds and animals. For those who are fond of wildlife, this place is an absolute paradise.

The British Empire established this place in 1854 as their summer retreat and it was named after Lord Dalhousie, the then British Viceroy in India. Some of the places which can be visited from here include Panjpulla and Jandhri Ghat. Panjpulla is the 'five bridges' memorial, built in the memory of Ajit Singh one of the most loved freedom fighters of India,. Jandhri Ghat is an elegant palace, located in the middle of tall pine trees.

The Khajjiar hotels are perfect stopovers for nighthalts or even for spending few days. Excellent dining and recreational facilities can be found in these hotels. Hotel accommodation is an important factor of these tour packages, which include stays in some of the best Khajjiar hotels. offers information about Khajjiar tour Packages and other tourist places in India.