Tours to Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Tourism in Jaipur has been growing at a steady pace over the last few years, thanks to the rise in the number of Jaipur tour packages offered by various tour operators. The tours to Jaipur are the best way to explore the city, including visits to the tourist attractions in Jaipur.

About Jaipur:
Jaipur is a historic city built by the Kacchwa king Sawai Jai Singh II in the early 18th century. The city served as the capital of the state of Amber after its formation. The earliest of the planned cities in India, the city was designed to accommodate a growing population and at the same time face the rigors of the late medieval ages. The city was encircled by a long wall, and seven gates were constructed for entry and exit. The city was gradually beautified by the subsequent rulers and many important and magnificent buildings came up, like the city palace, Hawa Mahal, and the palace housing the Central museum.

Tourist attractions:

The tours to Jaipur include guided trips to the famous tourist attractions in Jaipur. The major spots covered by the Tours to Jaipur include �

  • The Hawa Mahal
  • City palace
  • Albert Museum ( Central Museum )
  • Amber Fort
  • Jaigarh Fort
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Jal mahal
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • Swarga Suli
  • Sisodia Rani garden
  • Ram Niwas Bagh
  • Laxmi Narayan Temple

    Festivals and Fairs: Like many other cities in Rajasthan, Jaipur also hosts many important fairs and festivals. The major festivals held in or around the city are �

    Gangaur Festival :� This festival is celebrated about a fortnight after Holi. The celebrations are held in honor of Gauri, a local manifestation of the Goddess Parvati. The festival is celebrated all over the state. The main participants are the married and unmarried women. The idols of Gauri are decorated lavishly and carried in ornate palanquins all over the city.

    Elephant Festival :� The elephant festival is an annual event held in Jaipur. The elephants are decorated in majestic attire and parade in front of huge crowds that gather to observe the spectacular scene. The elephants are also involved in races, polo matches and holi celebrations. It is a major festival in Jaipur and attracts a lot of tourists to the city.

    Sitala Mata Fair, Chaksu Fair, Pushkar fair and Teej Festival are some of the other well known fairs and festivals held near Jaipur. The tours to Jaipur offer special packages to cover these occasions.

    The tours to Jaipur also include excursions to nearby locations of interest like Alwar, Ajmer, Sambhar, Sanganer and Samode.
    Tours to Jaipur
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