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Bandhavgarh definitely is the crown in the wildlife legacy of Madhya Pradesh and is the natural habitat to a wide range of floral and fauna. While you are on a jungle safari in this place, you can come across several wildlife species such as Royal Bengal Tigers, cheetals, leopard, gaur, sambhar, and various other animal species. The park is nested in the foothills of undulating Vindhya mountain range of Central India and features hills and ravines. It is undoubtedly a gift of nature and a trip to Bandhavgarh is highly recommended. The thing you are going to like most about Bandhavgarh is its exotic natural beauty that never fails to impress the tourists.

Bandhavgarh got the status of a national park in the year 1968 with a core area of 105 sq. km, which was later on extended to incorporate two adjoining sal forests in the year 1986. Formerly it was the leisure resort of the Maharajas of Rewa. is your authentic travel guide on Bandhavgarh that provides you all you need to know before you plan a holiday in Bandhavgarh.

Fast Facts

Area : 450 sq. km (Core area: 105 sq. km)
Altitude : 800 m above sea level
Rainfall : 1,500 mm
Temperature range : 42C to 2C
Best time to visit : February-June (Closed 1 July-31 October)
STD Code : 07653


Bandhavgarh flaunts a very deep-seated significance of it's own in the history and mythology of India. The fort of Bandhavgarh looms high over the entire park and located here, dates back to the legendary era of Rama and Hanuman from the famous Hindu epic Ramayana. Rama and Hanuman used this fort on their journey back to their kingdom from Lanka.

At present the Maharaja of Rewa owns the fort and in the northern part of the fort you will find caves dug into sandstone and carry "brahmi" inscriptions that date back to the 1st century BC. Once upon a time Bandhavgarh was also ruled by the Chandela kings of Bundelkhand who built the famous Khajuraho Temples.

Though Bandhavgarh may seem only as a National Park, there are many places to visit in Bandhavgarh.

Travel to Bandhavgarh

Best Season, Climate, and Clothing

If you want to capture the best of wildlife in your camera, the ideal time would be summer when you can get an opportunity for sighting tigers and leopard. Climate wise, December to February is the ideal time to visit since the weather during these months is cool and present. June to November is the time when there are huge showers of the monsoons and it is also the breeding season for the wild animals.

There are many accommodations in Bandhavgarh that are lavish and offer comprehensive facilities and services for a comfortable sojourn.

Bandhavgarh National Park
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