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Tourist Attractions in Ajmer

With a deep historical background, Ajmer, one of the most reputed tourist attractions in India, offers several tourist spots that present themselves as some of the favorite tourist attractions in Ajmer. The chequered past of the city bearing various cultural and political phases and the architectural examples draw huge crowds every year.

Dargah Shareef of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti:
On a tour to India the Dargah Shareef of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti is one of the major tourist attractions in Ajmer. Set at the foothills of the Taragarh hill, it houses quite many white marble buildings, namely, a mosque called the Akbari Masjid, a huge gate gifted by the Nizam of Hyderabad, and the Dargah or the tomb of the 13th-century Sufi Saint, Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti. A silver railing encloses the tomb of the saint. Emperor Akbar traveled this place on pilgrimage on foot from Agra more than once to offer prayers in expectation of a male heir.

Modified by all Mughal rulers from Humayun to Shah Jahan, the Dargah has a courtyard which bears two huge cauldrons. During the Urs, kheer and khichdi are prepared in these cauldrons and doled out to the pilgrims.

Shahjahan's daughter Chimni Begum is believed to have built the separate prayer room for women. The dargah also houses the crypt of the saint's daughter - Bibi Hafiz Jama.

Taragarh Fort:
Also known as the Star Fort constructed by Ajay Pal Chauhan in 1100 AD, the Tara Garh Fort, located on a hilltop, gives a spectacular view of Ajmer city. This rectangular fort is reached through a winding ascending path. It is the first ever hilltop fort in India.

Arhai-din-ka-Jhonpra which literally means 'two-and-a-half-day shelter' is located on the suburbs of Ajmer. It is believed that an erstwhile Sanskrit college was converted to this mosque by the invader Mohammed Ghori in 1198 AD within two-and-a-half days.

Ana Sagar Lake:
Ana Sagar Lake is one of the most alluring tourist attractions in Ajmer. Built by King Anaji (1135-1150 AD), the grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, it adjoins the Daulat Bagh Gardens set up by Emperor Jehangir. Shahjahan further incorporated the Baradari (marble pavilion) to the lake.

Digambar Jain temple:
Incorporate Ajmer in your itinerary on your tour to India and visit the Digambar Jain temple, commonly called Soni Ji Ki Nasiyan. This red temple with a double- storey hall adjoining the main building flaunts several large gilded wooden figures, illustrating tales from Jain mythology and beautiful glass mosaic, precious stones, gold and silver work adorning the hall.

Nearby Sites:
The tiny town of Kishangarh, situated 27 km from Ajmer and famous for its traditional miniature paintings and the Roopangarh Fort at 52 km from Ajmer are two of the major tourist attractions near the city.

Urs, one of the chief tourist attractions in Ajmer, is a festival celebrated each year in the seventh month of the lunar calendar. The Qawwali (traditional Muslim recitals of devotional verses) recitals held within the Dargah mark the specialty of the occasion.

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