Get complete information on the wildlife Wonders of India - tiger, elephants and one-horned rhinoceros

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Exotic Wildlife

The land of the majestic Tiger and the graceful Elephant, India is home to myriad and the most fascinating flora and fauna. The extremely rich and varied wildlife of India results from the diverse landscape and climatic conditions in the country. Numerous Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks have been created all across India in order to secure the future of rare and endangered species of wildlife by conserving them in their natural habitats. The enchanting wildlife of India lures hordes of wildlife enthusiasts, ornithologists, researchers and tourists from around the world to embark on wildlife tour to India.

Vast areas of forests and natural habitats have been preserved in India to establish a total of around 441 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 80 National Parks scattered all over the country. The Wildlife Sanctuaries in India are home to more than 390 species of mammals, 455 reptiles, 210 amphibians, 1,230 birds, and almost 30,000 species of insects. Such immense floral and faunal diversity has catapulted the country as one of the leading wildlife destinations in the world. A Wildlife Tour to India will provide you with opportunities galore to watch the untamed wildlife of India in its natural habitat.

While exploring the wildlife of India, you will get acquainted with the richness and diversity of terrain, flora and fauna at various wildlife destinations across India, whereby the climatic conditions differ, character of vegetation varies, and so does the wide altitudinal range between the various regions within the country. Extending from the snow-capped Himalayan peaks in the north, through forests, lakes and deserts, to the moist Nilgiri hills in the south, wildlife sanctuaries in India will delight you with a variety that is sure to give you an all time high.

Some of the best known destinations for exploring wildlife in India include the Gir National Park in Gujarat, which is famous for its Asiatic lions; Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam which is home to the endangered Indian rhinoceros species. Again, Periyar in Kerala is best known for the herds of elephants roaming about in the forests, while Kanha and Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh are primarily tiger reserves. The Sunderbans National Park in West Bengal is the only habitat of the Royal Bengal Tiger, and a must-visit destination to encounter numerous endemic and rare species of Indian wildlife in natural habitats.

Feel the rush of adrenalin through your veins while on Wildlife Tour to India and enjoy the thrill and fun of a lifetime. offers online information on Wildlife of India and tourist places in various parts of India.