Get information on the city of Varkala, its fast facts, history of Varkala, best season to visit Varkala, climate of Varkala and clothing
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About Varkala

The beach lovers can still expect more of pleasure and excitement in Kerala if they have had enough of Kovalam. Varkala is a new name among the various tourist places and beach destinations of Kerala. Located amazingly, it is visited by many beach and nature lovers from not only India but also from abroad. Varkala also holds immense importance for the pilgrimage tourists since it is home to the 3, 500 years old Janardanaswamy temple. It is an exotic town that is slowly climbing the ladders of popularity among the various tourist destinations of south India and you should not miss out the various highlights that this town has to offer to its tourists. offers valuable inputs and tourist information about Varkala that would be of great help to those who are planning for a tour to Varkala.

Fast Facts

Verkala Temple
STD Code 0472
Languages Malayalam and English
Best time to visit September to May

History of Varkala:
The history of Varkala can be traced from the 3, 500 years old Vaishnavite shrine, which is also referred to as the �Dakshin Kashi�. The topography of Varkala also points to the fact that it is an old geographical region and is marked by tertiary sedimentary formation cliffs. These cliffs are quite unique and offer a stark contrast to the otherwise flat land of Varkala. Among the highlights of this town, the Varkala Tunnel built by the British in the year 1880.

Another historical personality who shaped Varkala�s history is Sree Narayana Guru, who was a saint, social reformer, philosopher and leader of Ezhava community and established Sivagiri mutt as a major pilgrim centre. This famous reformer and philosopher breathed his last at this place in the year 1928. This enthralling town presently is a leading tourist destination and is a favored retreat by the seclusion and peace seekers.

Best Season, Climate and Clothing:
Varkala experiences a typical tropical type of a climate with warm summers when the temperature can touch even 35� Celsius and there is considerable humidity in the air. On the other hand, the temperature in the winter season remains more or less pleasant with a minimum temperature of 15� Celsius. As far as clothing is concerned, light cottons would suffice both during the summer and the winter season. is your reliable travel guide on Varkala and provides useful information about Varkala. For further information regarding the tourist destinations of India, just log on to this site.