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About Tamil Nadu

   Tamil Nadu has many reasons to be on top of the priority list of a tourist. This bewitching state is replete with natureís bounty including picturesque beaches, fascinating wildlife, captivating hill stations, splendid temples and monuments and of-course rich cultural traditions. Tamil Nadu is the center of Dravidian architecture and literature and holds immense historical importance. This state is truly a visitorís delight and prior to your embarking on an exciting journey, some relevant information about Tamil Nadu would definitely prove to be beneficial. Touristplacesinindia.com offers helpful inputs about Tamil Nadu including fast facts, history and the ideal time to visit.

Fast Facts

Area : 130, 058 square kilometers
Languages : Tamil and English
Religion : Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Jainism
Capital : Chennai
Best Time To Visit : October to March

History of Tamil Nadu:
Anthropologists and historians are of the belief that the history of Tamil Nadu dates back to thousands of years. The Dravidians, who after the advent of the Aryans moved down to south around the 1500 BC were said to be linked to the Indus Valley Civilization. Tamil Nadu has its mention in the recorded accounts of many ancient civilizations. The ancient Sangam literature describes the people, culture and religion of this region. Owing to a maritime location of Tamil Nadu, many European countries established trade links with it, such as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Many ancient dynasties have ruled this region, such as Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas before the Christian era. The culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu reached its acme during this time when it saw the construction of spectacular structures including magnificent temples and palaces. The Cholas and Pallavas were staunch patrons of Dravidian literature, architecture, arts, music and dance and there are numerous evidences to support this.

Besides, Tamil Nadu has also stood witness to the struggle for power between the various colonial forces of Europe in which the British emerged the winners and they consolidated South India into Madras Presidency. In the 19th century, Tamil Nadu saw the Nationalist Movement and it was also an important center of the freedom movement. After the Indian independence, the state of Tamil Nadu was born in the year 1968 on linguistic grounds and the present day state is burgeoning with tourism and industrial hubs thus adding to the economic wealth of the country substantially.

Best Season, Climate and Clothing:
Tamil Nadu is exposed to a maritime climate and thus the weather conditions remain more or less stable all through the year, with high humidity and heat. However, seasonal variations are there and in the hilly regions the temperature remains cool all the year round. Light woolens would be ideal for the summer season and for the winter as well except for the hill stations. October to February is the best time for enjoying the tour to Tamil Nadu to the fullest.

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